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Donaldson improves Stepped SealClamp

Donaldson Co Inc has a redesigned Stepped SealClamp exhaust clamp. This new and improved clamp is lighter weight, easier to install, and provides reduced leakage on exhaust connections.

Available in stainless and aluminized steel, the Stepped SealClamp is a full 360-degree clamp designed for overlapping tube connections including muffler inlets, outlets, slotted joints, and flex tubing. The Stepped SealClamp's shape has an inside sealing surface that matches the stepped shape of an overlapped joint, providing a critical seal for minimizing exhaust leaks. The V-groove installation indicator on the top side is a visual reference to proper torque during installation. The stepped center bar conforms to tubes in overlapping connections to improve the seal at the joint.

Pre-assembled with fewer parts and a reversible threaded nut bar, the Stepped SealClamp can be assembled with one wrench and requires less torque than other designs for easier installation. All parts have been treated with a rust-resistant coating to extend product life.

E-mail Janice Kovala at [email protected] for more details.

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