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Directional lights flash in multiple ways

ECCO has introduced a new line of LED directional lights offering multiple flash patterns and synchronization capabilities. The new 3700 Series LEDs provide a versatile, high-intensity warning light in a compact and stylish package.

These lights have four 1-watt Luxeon LEDs and LED optics to provide outstanding light output. The discreet units have clear lenses that illuminate in amber, blue, white, or red and feature coated aluminum bases and epoxy-sealed electronics to eliminate potential moisture, dust, and vibration damage.

The 3700 Series LED features user-selectable steady-burn, double-, quad-, or quint-flash operation. Multiple units can be synchronized to flash either simultaneously or alternately. The LEDs offer a fit-and-forget warning system, providing a long, maintenance-free service life with a draw of just 0.4 amps per unit. A full five-year warranty is offered.

For more information, contact ECCO, Boise ID.

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