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Digital Diagnostic Assistant aids mechanics

Diagnostic Innovations LLC introduces its latest addition to the Digital Diagnostic Assistant for truck and bus mechanics. The Digital Diagnostic Assistant is a customized tool that integrates diagnostic OEM software for engines, transmissions, brakes, and refrigeration into one system. Its graphical user interface enhances the technician's ability to diagnose fault codes and get to the root of the problem.

The latest Digital Assistant uses the Panasonic Toughbook 18, a notebook-size computer about half the weight and size of a regular laptop computer.

The new compact Digital Diagnostic Assistant fits the same interface box, cables, and case as the original model. The computer, which can be converted to a tablet, is great for traveling or just moving around because it is small, lightweight, and durable.

A mechanic now can choose between the traditional laptop computer and the smaller deluxe tablet-size computer. With the latest Digital Assistant, he has more mobility with the capacity, performance and durability of the original Digital Assistant.

The new model offers Eaton MD-300 diagnostic software, which can monitor several truck components simultaneously, retrieves and clears fault codes, easily exports data for further analysis, and has three diagnostic functions in one software package - data monitoring, fault code, and report. The software can record vehicle information fault activity and repair procedures. Information is collected and displayed as a Vehicle Service Report. It automatically enters the date and all fault code information. The report can be emailed, saved as text, or printed.

For more information, contact Diagnostic Innovations, Southfield MI.

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