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Diesel cost impacts Canadian trucking

Diesel fuel used by truckers in Canada has increased in price by 21 percent over the past 10 weeks and is up 27 percent year-over-year, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA).

Today's prices are 64 percent higher than they were two years ago at about the same time.

A typical Canadian truck tractor is likely to fill up around 85 times per year. That means it is currently costing (based on the rack price of diesel fuel) at least $610 ($539 US) each time a truck is filled up, or approximately $52,000 ($45,9599 US) per year before taxes.

CTA and the provincial trucking associations are seeking the mandatory activation of speed limiters on all trucks operating in Canada to conserve fuel. The group also is asking the Canadian federal government to renew and improve the Natural Resources rebate program for the purchase of auxiliary power units to reduce engine idling and wants all the provincial governments to agree to weight allowances for the installation of anti-idling and anti-emissions devices so payload is not impaired.

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