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DGAC president urges continued DOT oversight on loading facilities

A federal government effort to move some transportation-related jurisdiction away from the Department of Transportation (DOT) should be opposed, said Alan Roberts, Dangerous Goods Advisory Council president. He noted examples that might be regulated by other agencies, including loading racks. The issue was among several discussed briefly by Roberts at the Cooperative Hazardous Materials Education (COHMED) training meeting January 14 in Houston TX.

He pointed out that there are some 30,000 various jurisdictions across the United States that are involved in transportation, and called for national uniformity to improve regulation and enforcement efficiency.

In addition, he reported that carriers appear to be cutting back on training programs, and said that one-third of all DOT penalties come from companies failing to provide adequate training.

He also warned against a proposal to remove hazardous materials placards from commercial motor vehicles, a suggestion that has arisen as part of the effort to improve transportation security. The danger to responders and the public that would occur as a result of un-marked hazmat cargoes far out-weighs the threat that would come from terrorism, he said.

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