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Device cleans side-view mirrors automatically

An automatic attachable cleaning device is provided for cleaning the side-view mirrors on tractor-trailer rigs.

Invented and patented by retired truck driver Gary Waters, the device uses a rubber squeegee blade, similar to that on windshield wipers. The blade travels up and down the long, thin mirror of a tractor-trailer rig. The squeegee scraper blade uses two vertical tracks on the two exterior sides of the mirror and is powered by a small electric motor under the dashboard.

Washer solvent is directed at the mirror using a small pump, through jets on top of the mirror. The solvent system is tapped into the main solvent system of the truck using small diameter plastic tubing. Controls for both the electric drive motor and solvent pump are in a dash-mounted panel inside the cab.

This invention can be a factory option on new trucks as well as as an aftermarket attachment accessory for do-it-yourself installation. The device is suitable for installation on the right, left, or both sides of a vehicle.

For manufacturing, distribution, and licensing information, contact John D Gugliotta and Montgomery & Associates, phone 800-747-3109, e-mail [email protected], or access

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