Delco Remy alternators can take the heat

Delco Remy's offers a series of new alternators engineered to thrive in high-temperature engine environments.

New 35SI alternators are specially fitted with radiant vents and high-heat-compatible internal components to deliver “bulletproof” performance in operating environments of up to 221° F. Available in 110- and 135-amp models, 35SI high-amp alternators feature fewer moving parts and internal connections than brush-type alternators. The brushless configuration also provides consistent activation speeds for enhanced unit durability.

Another advantage of the 35SI alternators is Delco Remy's “Remote Sense” technology, which continuously senses battery voltage at the terminals and automatically adjusts power output to ensure optimal charge. Contact Delco Remy, 2902 Enterprise Dr, Anderson IN 46013 for further information.

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