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Del City's lighting product line gets larger

These new lights and accessories for trucks and trailers have been added to Del City's line of electrical products:

  • Sealed LED beehive clearance marker lamps are suitable for trailers 30' or longer. They have a high-impact polycarbonate lens and a sonically sealed housing.

  • Three-stud mount stop/tail/turn lamp mounts universally and is pre-wired for fast installations. A housing-to-lens gasket is added for extra protection from the environment.

  • Incandescent cab marker lamps mounted on top of a cab indicate a wide vehicle. Base mount and lens gasket are included.

  • Del City has also added a constant torque clamp. It provides automatic adjustment on expanding and contracting hoses and protects soft hoses from damage or shear.

To order or request a free catalog, contact Del City, 2101 W Camden Rd, Milwaukee WI 53209.

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