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Dealers offer IntelliRoute TND 500 navigation device

More than 400 Freightliner, Sterling, and Western Star dealers throughout the United States are offering a new truck navigation device designed specifically for the routing and real-time navigation needs of over-the-road professional truck drivers. The Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 500 will be available as of October 2009.

The IntelliRoute TND 500 has 35% more truck-attributed roads and thousands of points of interest including each Freightliner, Sterling, and Western Star dealer in North America. Furthermore, the device offers exceptional detail with address-to-address mile calculation, rather than ending at a highway junction.

This device will calculate a route based on truck attributes (48- or 53-foot length, width, height, and hazmat), as well as type of route desired (fastest, shortest, tolls or no tolls). Routes may be optimized for multiple stops for the most efficient use of miles and fuel, and the information conveyed to drivers with turn-by-turn spoken directions. The device is flexible enough for use by vehicles of various sizes.

The IntelliRoute TND 500 provides Trucker Business Tools that include:

  • Convenient and time-saving timers and logs that allow drivers to quickly calculate and monitor driving time and time on duty.

  • State and province mileage breakdowns that track miles driven in every US state and Canadian province for organized bookkeeping and fuel tax reporting.

  • A commercial grade address book to organize thousands of entries and search addresses by company, state, or other criteria.

  • A Quick Planner to determine profitability and drive time for an upcoming route.

  • Rand McNally's Motor Carriers' Road Atlas, cross-referenced to the page and grid, allowing drivers to review key resource information.

  • A big screen calculator that facilitates quick math calculations and conversions in either standard or metric units.

  • The Trucker's Friend National Truck Stop Directory with thousands of truck stops that can be searched by amenities available at the location.

  • Rand McNally also plans to provide real-time overlays and other products such as RoadWork construction updates that allow drivers to route around construction delays.

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