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Dangerous goods transport course online

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), in partnership with online training developer Training Alternatives Inc, is offering the “Transporting Dangerous Goods by Truck” training course via the Internet.

This online training program is designed for understanding of dangerous goods regulations in a user-friendly format. It was designed especially for new, intermediate, and experienced truck drivers, shippers, and frontline supervisors/managers. The course can be completed with four to six hours of study depending on previous familiarity with dangerous goods procedures. It covers:

  • Naming and classifying dangerous goods

  • Packaging dangerous goods

  • Identifying dangerous goods through the use of proper documentation, labeling, and placarding

  • Dealing with accidental releases and other emergencies

  • Knowledge of applicable regulations and use of the schedules in the regulations

Cost is $45 per trainee. The training course can be accessed and paid for online at

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