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Dana S170 axles built with future in mind

Dana Corp has introduced the Dana Spicer S170 series of single-reduction, single-drive, heavy-duty axles. Similar to the S190, which debuted in 2003, the Dana Spicer S170 series axles are designed to perform in future vehicles with drivetrain ratings of up to 2,450 ft-lb of torque and up to 700 horsepower.

As a benefit of Dana's integral component design processes, the S170 family requires fewer than half the components of similar products, providing increased robustness without extra weight.

The S170 drive axle series features extra-wide face-width gearing and a new hypoid gear design for extra strength, durability, and quieter, more dependable operation. For maximum flexible spec'ing options, the S21-170 (21,000-lb gross axle weight rating) and S23-170 (23,000-lb GAWR) models offer a ratio range of 2.69 to 7.17 pounds. The S25-170 (25,000-lb GAWR) model has a ratio offering of 3.31 to 7.17 pounds.

Optional upgrades for the S170 series include:

  • Driver-controlled, full-locking wheel differential
  • Dana Spicer LMS Low Maintenance Hubs
  • Wide-track axles for maximum stability
  • Welded suspension brackets
  • Axle mounted electromagnetic retarders
  • ABS-ready axles

S170 features include patent-pending axial power ribs, an integral pinion cage and carrier, induction-hardened bearing journals, large wheel differential gearing, and precision-forged differential gears.

Features contributing to longer component life include extra-wide, four-bolt bearing caps; forged heat-treated steel differential cases; and a patented precision differential bearing adjustment system and carrier design.

All S170 drive axles qualify for the 250,000-mile initial lube drain interval when used in line-haul service and specified with a Dana-approved factory-filled extended-life lubricant, Dana's patented (U-Tube) axle breather, as well as Dana Spicer LMS Hubs or Outrunner wheel seals.

The standard warranty for the S170 series is up to five years/750,000 miles for approved linehaul applications and with Dana-approved factory-filled, synthetic lube.

For more information, contact Dana, 6938 Elm Valley Dr, Kalamazoo MI 49003.

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