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Dana Corp updates guidelines for OEMs

Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle Systems group has published updated application guidelines for all truck and trailer OEMs in North America that streamline the approval process for Dana Spicer drive, steer, and trailer axles. These three new publications provide access to information on product approvals for use in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles:

  • Dana Spicer Drive Axle Application Guidelines, item number AXAG-0200, features a section that defines 13 separate types of vocational applications; gross axle capacities and dimensions for 22 different axle ratings; information on how to identify specific axle models and axle parts; ratings charts on all axles; and a 13-page glossary covering more than 250 of the most common drive axle terms.

  • Dana Spicer Trailer Axle and Bendix Brake Application Guidelines, item number AXAG-0300, provides information on how to identify all trailer axle product offerings; axle beam and gross axle weight ratings on all products; application guidelines; standard axle configurations, quick-ship guidelines; and a 13-page glossary covering more than 180 commonly used terms.

  • Dana Spicer Steer Axle Application Guidelines, item number AXAG-0400, includes information on steer axle nomenclature; application guidelines; engineering data; vocational applications; how to properly align and adjust steer axles; and a five-page glossary covering more than 85 steer axle terms.

For more information, contact Roadranger, Kalamazoo MI.

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