Dana advises truck owners to inspect air line on certain Eaton Fuller transmissions

Dana Corp, Kalamazoo MI, has announced that some heavy duty trucks with Eaton Fuller transmissions may be equipped with an air line that is not properly crimped at the swivel fitting, and advises owners to inspect the fitting to ensure a proper crimp is in place. The transmissions are designated RT/RTO/RTLO and have serial number prefix K. They were built between March 1, 2002, and April 15, 2002.

The air hoses in question are plumbed from the A-5000 slave valve mounted on the driver side of the transmission to the air filter regulator and range cylinder on the rear of the transmission. The hose may disconnect while under pressure, causing a leak in the secondary air system.

On trucks within the affected population, Eaton Fuller will allow 0.5 hours labor for inspection and replacement when necessary of the suspect hoses. Warranty claims may be filed through standard OEM warranty procedures. For assistance, call Eaton Real Time Warranty or the Eaton Roadranger call center at 800-826-4357.

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