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Cyclone DuraDrain takes liquid out of air

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC has expanded its trailer air treatment system offerings with a water and debris separator that traps and automatically purges liquid from the trailer air brake system.

The liquid-removal feature of the Bendix Cyclone DuraDrain trailer water separator contains a dual-action, pressure-sealing drain valve that permits removal of liquid from a trailer's air system. When any air or liquid enters the unit, the cyclonic action automatically separates fluid and debris from air in the trailer lines. The technology uses centrifugal force to separate and hold the contaminants and then automatically ejects the liquids before they enter the air brake system.

The Cyclone DuraDrain trailer water separator is 98.5% efficient in capturing particles and removing water during normal braking applications. It can also be used to protect trailer air brake components downstream of the gladhands. The unit is effective in removing contamination to increase the service life of valves, antilock braking systems and brakes. The product can also help to reduce internal valve corrosion, system freeze-ups, and dragging brakes due to system contaminants.

For more details, contact Bendix, 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035.

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