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Cursor a platform for future Iveco innovation

Iveco Motors of North America Inc, a subsidiary of Iveco Motors, has unveiled its Cursor family of six-cylinder, 24-valve diesel engines.

These engines range between 240 and 493 horsepower, and the family comes in 8-, 10-, and 13-liter versions. As a platform for future technology, the engines have performance levels typically associated with engines of greater size and weight. The Cursor family has total electronic control to monitor the operating conditions of the engine and provide information to the operator.

Iveco Motors optimizes combustion to allow for an environmentally clean engine. Compliant with current and future emission and noise regulations, the engine has a noise level below 95 dBA at maximum power. The engine's design enables the engine to be rebuilt in the chassis.

Options include decompression exhaust brake, different shapes of lubrication oil sumps, and flywheels for different transmission types. A horizontal version is also available. Select models feature variable-geometry turbochargers to provide more torque and power.

For more information, contact Iveco Motors, 245 E North Ave, Carol Stream IL 60188.

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