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CSI Wireless Inc has introduced Fleet-Link, a tracking and reporting device for remotely managing tractor trailers and other mobile assets and cargo.

An extension of CSI Wireless' Asset-Link family of fleet-tracking and telematics products, the GPS- and cellular-equipped Fleet-Link can function using a truck's power system or using solar power. This enables untethered or unpowered trailers to continue reporting their status for up to 60 days without any external electrical source. Fleet-Link combines accurate positioning and real-time communication to give operators around-the-clock location and status information.

Fleet-Link's GPS technology can pinpoint the location of a tracked asset to within 15 meters with minimal power consumption. Its cellular radio, using MicroBurst Control Channel technology or Circuit Switched data, delivers immediate reports throughout North America plus parts of Central and South America. Fleet-Link's environmentally sealed enclosure can be discreetly and securely mounted almost anywhere on or in a tractor-trailer or other mobile asset.

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