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CPR broadens stake in EMP container program

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), Calgary, Alberta, Canada has announced it has increased its stake in the EMP container program, a move that broadens the company's range of intermodal services in key North American markets.

EMP is a domestic interline container service that facilitates the interchange of containers between member railroads, including Union Pacific Railroad, Norfolk Southern, and agent railroads such as CPR.

CPR recently expanded its role in EMP by contributing its own domestic containers and extending the program to key markets. EMP gives CPR customers shipping between Canada, the United States, and Mexico access to one of the largest service networks for domestic containers.

The network serves major centers such as Canadian cities, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg, and United States cities, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Newark (Oak Island).

"CPR's expanded role in EMP gives customers more competitive choices for how they move their product," said Lawre Allen, CPR vice-president, intermodal & automotive. "This interline initiative strengthens CPR's position as a North American railway and provides shippers with seamless operations for improved market reach."

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