Constellation Continues Losing Weight

WESTERN Star Trucks announced further weight reduction of its Constellation Series 4964FXL model during a press conference at the 2000 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. This marks the third year in a row that Western Star Trucks has achieved major weight reductions in its Constellation Series.

Last year, the new 4964FXL weighed in at 14,960 pounds, nearly 2000 pounds less than any Constellation ever built before. This year, the truck shaves off another 960 pounds, weighing in at 14,000 pounds. The 4964FXL is a standard Constellation Series tractor optioned with a 62" Star Light Sleeper, dual exhausts, dual air cleaners, Jake brake, and dual 100-gallon fuel tanks.

"By the continuous improvement in engineering of this model, plus a combination of several weight-saving options, the 4964FXL weighs in at 14,000 pounds. This is a remarkable reduction," said Mark Gobessi, vice-president of engineering at Western Star Trucks.

"Western Star Trucks is determined to build quality, high-performance, best-in-class products," said Bob Enright, Western Star president. "Setting new standards for further weight reductions means increased payloads for our customers."

He also stressed that Western Star would achieve these weight reductions without sacrificing dependability, handling, and comfort. "Western Star builds tough, reliable trucks with plenty of power, a quiet, comfortable ride, and all the amenities to keep a driver alert and productive on long, transcontinental hauls," he said. "But we're also determined to provide the big payload potential and fuel efficiency the fleet owner is looking for."

Gobessi credits a combination of advanced engineering, the latest technology, and some new major components with providing additional weight-savings: Cummins ISM engine; new 1,300 square-inch, two-row, crossflow cooling module; aluminum rear axle carrier; and lightweight wheel and tire combination. Aluminum clutch housing, air tanks and engine mounts, and a lightweight front cab crossmember also contribute to the weight savings.

The weight reductions mean a buyer can have a well-equipped standard Western Star Constellation Series truck with a full-size 62" Star Light Sleeper that weighs in at 14,000 pounds.

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