ConocoPhillips begins 'green' production in Ireland

ConocoPhillips, Houston TX, has begun commercial production of renewable diesel fuel at the company's Whitegate Refinery in Cork, Ireland.

The production process was developed by ConocoPhillips and uses soybean and other vegetable oils to produce renewable diesel fuel that meets European Union standards for diesel fuels. The refinery is producing 1,000 barrels per day (150,000 liters) of renewable diesel fuel for sale into the Irish market. The fuel is produced using existing equipment at the refinery and is blended and transported with petroleum-based diesel, unlike biodiesel fuel. The process can also be used to convert animal fats and oils to renewable diesel fuel.

Soybean oil will be the primary renewable feedstock used, although the plant can also produce renewable diesel using rape seed oil and other vegetable oils. The reduction in hydrocarbon based emissions will contribute to Irelands progress in meeting carbon dioxide emission standards required under the Kyoto protocol.

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