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ConMet will supply Walker Transportation

Consolidated Metco Inc (ConMet) has signed a three-year contract to supply Walker Transportation with wheel hubs and brake drums.

ConMet PreSet hubs will be standard product on Walker's line of tank trailers, while its CastLite brake drums will be offered as an option.

PreSet hubs use pre-adjusted bearings to simplify installation, improve seal and bearing life, and reduce maintenance requirements. This will result in improved overall vehicle performance and lower life cycle cost for Walker. PreSet technology is more serviceable and more cost-effective than unitized systems that require complete wheel-end replacement once they reach the end of their expected life cycle.

CastLite brake drums will deliver to Walker Transportation weight savings and improved performance, without the cost penalty associated with other lightweight designs. A computer-optimized, patent-pending shape results in up to 15% weight reduction over a standard full-cast drum, while maintaining the same level of durability and brake performance.

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