Composilite ST comes in 9,000-lb capacity

Hendrickson has unveiled a 9,000-lb-capacity version of Composilite ST suspension for trucks and trailers.

Delivering all of the advantages and durability of the 13,500-lb-capacity version, the new lighter-duty Composilite ST weighs 720 pounds and is designed for use with 19.5" tires. It weighs around 930 to 963 pounds including tires and rims, depending on the tire selected.

New features include a 2.5" drop axle and an aluminum crossmember. The shorter drop axle permits use of 19.5" tires, and the aluminum crossmember helps reduce system weight. The suspension is designed with aluminum hangers; steel hangers are an option.

The in-line air spring design provides maximized packaging space, measuring 23.5" from front edge of hanger to centerline of axle. Aluminum beams remain parallel to ensure proper wheel tracking for increased tire life, while lift plates remain parallel for longer air spring life. The stabilizer uses a cover to protect the stabilizer rod from dirt and debris.

Zero torsion bushings eliminate bushing windup and provide a smaller package space for a lighter-weight product. This provides more consistent down force and reduced lift force resistance; therefore, only one-half the amount of force is required to operate the lift axle.

For additional information, contact Hendrickson, 277 N High St, Hebron OH 43025.

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