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Civacon introduces Model 8580 rack monitor

CIVACON, Riverside MO, has introduced a new Model 8580 diagnostic opti-therm rack monitor that features advanced electronics and a bright, high-resolution light-emitting diode (LED) display for easy to read diagnostics.

“The 8580 is the next evolution in load rack monitor technology,” says Brent Hanson, Product Manager. “Its automatic switching and diagnostic capabilities offer terminals superior flexibility and safety.”

Key features of the product include easy-to-read monitor at a distance, high-resolution three-inch by five-inch LED diagnostic display; two separate output relays for overfill and ground verification; superior flexibility and safety; compatibility with all five-wire optic, thermistor, and two-wire thermo-optic sensors; and loads all trailers equipped with any brand or style of overfill detection system.

The product also provides automatic recognition and switching between optic and thermistor technology; has a convenient wireless hand-held bypass controller; and supplies ground verification, permissive status, and compartment identification diagnostic capabilities.

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