Chemical industry noted for its security efforts

The struggle to contain and eliminate terrorism can be positively affected by the chemical industry, said Keith Martin, Pennsylvania’s Office of Homeland Security director. He made the statement at the Security Summit June 28 in Philadelphia PA. His comments were released in a statement from the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

Martin noted that there are still a number of paths the industry can take to improve, including forming partnerships with other businesses while strengthening the ongoing partnership with government. Keith urged the industry to focus its security strength on maintaining "relentless vigilance."

Al Martinez-Fonts, the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Special Assistant to the Secretary for the Private Sector, called attention to the chemical industry's "huge contribution to homeland security, acting as a dynamic, not static industry. The chemical industry is truly part of the solution. We need each and every one of you to help plan, coordinate, and make this happen."

The Summit's opening day included presentations on the Maritime Transportation Security Act implementation, transportation security regulations, cyber security, and DHS Buffer Zone protection programs by a variety of industry and government experts.

Coast Guard and DHS officials addressed the nearly 300 industry experts in attendance on programs to harden infrastructure against a terrorist attack, including the ACC Responsible Care Security Code's Alternative Security Program for member-company facilities at America's ports.

Transportation professionals from the railroad and trucking industries highlighted industry's critical role in supporting the security of hazardous material transport, including worker background checks and opportunities to reduce risk along the chemical industry supply chain.

The Summit is hosted by ACC and the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA). The two-day event brings together industry and government experts to address topics critical to the security of the chemical sector.

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