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CentruLite Wheel Joins Hayes Lemmerz Line

Hayes Lemmerz International Inc has expanded its Commercial Highway product line to include CentruLite, a new lightweight cast-aluminum wheel for Class 7 and 8 tractors and over-the-highway trailers.

Manufactured by Hayes Lemmerz using a proprietary casting process, the CentruLite product is styled similarly to industry-standard Class 8 forged wheels. CentruLite can be used on all 22.5" × 8.25" hub-piloted mountings using a 10-hole, 285.75-mm bolt circle, 220-mm center hole, and a 6.70" offset, making it interchangeable for most truck, trailer, and bus applications.

CentruLite aluminum wheels are CNC diamond-machined. Each wheel is serialized and carries a visual record verifying process control and enabling future traceability. Hayes Lemmerz offers the wheels with a five-year limited warranty.

For full details, contact Hayes Lemmerz, 38481 Huron River Dr, Romulus MI 48174.

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