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CastLite brake drums offered on Freightliners

Freightliner Trucks offers ConMet CastLite brake drums for all truck models in the product line. These brake drums are designed to deliver weight savings and improved performance. CastLite brake drums are available for a range of medium- and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Specifications and precision machining eliminate vibrations and ensure optimum performance.

These brake drums achieve weight savings due to a computer-optimized, patent-pending shape. This shape allows for up to 15% weight reduction over standard, full-cast brake drums while maintaining durability and performance.

The shape of the brake drum offers more surface area for increased cooling and better overall braking capabilities. The drums are made of industry-standard gray iron, a material that provides excellent heat transfer. Optimized heat transfer improves the cooling process, allowing the drum shape to remain consistent even after extensive brake use.

CastLite brake drums feature a pocket-flange design that reduces weight and improves clamping performance and an improved squealer band which offers better section stiffness for shorter stopping distances.

The CastLite brake drums are provided on all Freightliner Truck models with 10,000- 14,700-lb-capacity steer and pusher/tag axles with 15 × 4 air cam brakes (13,200 pounds per axle) or R-series drive and pusher/tag axles with 16.5 × 7 air cam brakes (23,000 pounds per axle).

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