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Cadec to distribute Secureseal products

Cadec Corp is now exclusive North American distributor for Secureseal, a division of the OEM Group Ltd, and a provider of security devices to the European transportation industry.

A mechanical reusable seal incorporating a random-number generator, Secureseal was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1997 and the North American market in November 2001. Cadec began the Cadec Certified Partners Program in 2001 to provide a set of standards and procedures for other vendors offering products that integrate with Cadec's Mobius TTS, an on-board computer running on a Microsoft Windows CE platform.

Using a random-number mechanism developed with gaming (slot) machine technology, Secureseal generates a new set of random numbers when the seal is closed. These numbers are recorded on a delivery manifest or through a Web-based program. Upon delivery, if the numbers do not match numbers on the manifest, then the trailer door evidently was opened and the delivery is no longer considered safe or secure.

The soon-to-be-released Secureseal.Data system sends time and date of trailer door openings via a transmitter in the trailer to an access point in the yard. A software program in the office alerts the attendant to the opening.

Cadec also plans to develop a product to provide a direct interface from Secureseal.Data to Cadec's Mobius TTS via a low-power wireless telemetry link. Using time, date, and location stamping, an exact record of when and where a trailer door was opened will be stored. When integrated with real-time communication devices, dispatch and/or authorities can be alerted in case of unauthorized trailer door openings.

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