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Brenner launches new sanitary trailer

A NEW lightweight sanitary transport from Brenner Tank Inc provides a payload increase for companies hauling milk or juice. Introduced in June, the new transport not only carries at least 500 gallons more product but weighs 2,000 pounds less than a typical sanitary transport.

The transport is targeted at customers involved in local and regional tank truck operations, according to John Cannon, Brenner vice-president of engineering. One reason is that the tank lacks the insulation that would be needed for cross-country shipments.

Featuring a round barrel, the tank trailer holds 6,700 gallons of product and has a 9,072-lb tare weight. It is insulated with 2½ inches of scored polystyrene foam. In comparison, a typical sanitary transport would have four inches of fiberglass.

Cannon stressed that no compromise was made in structural integrity. The tank is constructed of precision specified 12-gauge Type 304 stainless steel. Weight-saving features include in-the-round jacketing and modified gusset framing. Brenner also trimmed weight by eliminating hose tubes, cabinet, and product pump.

The need for a rear underride bumper was eliminated by moving the trailer running gear as far to the rear as possible. The trailer comes standard with a three-leaf spring suspension, Meritor axles, Meritor WABCO antilock braking, and steel disc wheels.

New fifthwheel

Other new developments at Brenner Tank include a lighter fifthwheel plate that has been in development for the past four years. Seventy-one pounds was cut from the fifthwheel plate, which is available on sanitary and chemical trailers.

A simplified integral sump on straight round chemical trailers has fewer parts, less weight, and ensures 100% drainage. Partial end rings weigh 80 pounds less than the full rings and are now standard. Integral rings and bolsters with provisions for heat panel channels are undergoing testing at this time.

In response to customer requests, Brenner Tank is offering recessed cleanouts on chemical trailers. The recessed cleanouts eliminate the need for mini overturn protection, which saves weight and reduces the heat transfer potential.

Within the next year, Brenner Tank will begin using wider sheets of steel (up to 60 inches wide) for shell construction. This means cargo tanks can be built with fewer seams.

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