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Brass padlock provides indication of tampering

E J Brooks Co has developed a tamper indication feature for its brass padlocks.

Noting that brass padlocks have been one of the most common items for theft prevention since the Middle Ages, Brooks says the main drawback to these common locks is that an open lock can simply be put back into the locked position without providing any indication that it has been opened.

To overcome this, Brooks Seals has developed a line of brass padlocks that show they have been opened. These locks have a hole in the locking body that matches a corresponding hole in the shackle when the lock is closed. A single-use Brooks seal is run through the hole when the lock is closed, requiring that seal to be removed before the lock can be opened; a missing seal indicates tampering. A system of periodic seal inspection reveals a time frame for the tampering.

Brooks brass padlocks come in a choice of body styles, shackle materials, shackle lengths, and keying options including popular keyways such as Master, Corbin, Yale, or Best.

For more details, contact Brooks, 8 Microlab Rd, Livingston NJ 07039.

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