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Brake Control adjusts for smooth stops

Valley Industries introduces the Odyssey Brake Control (#52810) featuring patent-pending double-axis accelerometer technology that continually adjusts (self-levels) for varying road terrain changes.

During a braking event, Odyssey senses the vehicle's rate of deceleration and applies a proportionate amount of braking force at precise intervals for a smooth and seamless stop.

Designed for light- to heavy-duty applications (one- to four-axle trailers) with two to eight brake systems, Odyssey has four independent power level settings. Each level increases power to the trailer brakes, making the Odyssey fully adjustable for different trailer types and loads.

An adjustable manual override allows the user to manually apply the trailer brakes if needed. Odyssey also incorporates a polarity-protected control that will not be destroyed in case the power and ground wires are connected backwards.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the Odyssey Brake Control includes mounting bracket, hardware and instructions. A 30-amp circuit breaker, (purchased separately) may be required for some vehicles. For more information, contact Valley, 1313 S Stockton St, Lodi CA 95240.

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