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Book tells how to transport dangerous goods

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is offering a guidebook with information truck drivers should know when transporting dangerous goods between Canada and the United States. Transporting Dangerous Goods by Truck is priced at $10 for provincial association members, $12 for others (taxes are extra). This publication contains key features of the Emergency Response Guide, with information required by truck drivers when operating in the United States. Transporting Dangerous Goods by Truck is in five parts:

Part I — deals with the regulations, and includes classification, emergency response planning, and identification of dangerous goods; that is, the shipping document, labels, and placards.

Part II — deals with responsibilities, incident reporting, and training.

Part III — deals with LTL, bulk, intermodal, and international movements with an emphasis on US requirements.

Part IV — deals with exemptions and with those dangerous goods that have special requirements.

Part V — contains actual schedules from the regulations.

For more information, contact the CTA, 130 Slater St, Suite 1025, Ottawa, Canada K1P 6E2; or phone 613-236-9426.

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