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Big business card

Sylvain Oligny likes his trucks big, bold, and brassy. That's why the entrepreneurial trucking company owner wanted to be among the first in Canada to own the Kenworth W900 Pendleton Limited Edition.

Oligny views the Kenworth W900 Pendleton Limited Edition as a top-of-the-line truck that shows his success and provides him with a premium vehicle. “My Kenworth trucks are my business card,” Oligny said. “As my trucks go down the road all shiny with chrome and bright red in color, people see them and remember them. We get calls for business from people who have been impressed with our trucks.”

His fleet consists predominantly of Kenworth T800s, so the Kenworth W900 Limited Edition with 86-inch AeroCab sleeper and Pendleton wool fabric is the first W900 that Oligny has owned. It's the truck he drives to oversee jobs, meet with customers, and even transport loads to job locations. Oligny is on the road an average of three days a week visiting his estimated 300 work sites.

The W900 Pendleton Limited Edition is also available in Kenworth's 72-inch AeroCab Aerodyne sleeper. The interior features a leather sofa, leather-accented door pads with Pendleton embroidery, and a two-tone leather-wrapped steer wheel. Wood grain trim complements the leather throughout the interior.

Oligny owns two companies in St Michel on Montreal's south shore. Transport St-Michel specializes in hauling raw materials ready for processing. Remorquage St-Michel is a towing and recovery company that specializes in heavy-duty jobs to recover damaged tractor-trailers and their loads from across Canada and the United States.

Since launching his company 10 years ago at age 20, Oligny has built a fleet of about 40 tractors and 10 towing trucks — almost entirely Kenworth T800s. The towing fleet includes trucks with booms that can grapple and hoist overturned 50-ton vehicles and place them upright.

“For our over-the-road clients, we give customized service,” said Oligny. “We pull dry box, B-train, flat-bed, 48-foot, and 53-ft tandem to quad, closed trailers and also tankers carrying chemicals for metal processing to meet the needs of our customers.”

That's where Oligny's heavy-duty trucks come to the rescue. To haul loads topping out at 137,500 pounds, his Kenworth trucks are spec'd with 550-horsepower engines, 18-speed transmissions, 14,600-pound front axles, and 46,000-lb rear axles. Oligny similarly spec'd the Kenworth W900L Pendleton Limited Edition he drives, but he added a 625-hp engine.

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