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BayNets systems make open pits safer

BayNets Safety Systems provide an economical and effective tool for open pit safety and promote safer work habits in hazardous areas of a service center.

These systems are fabricated of specially treated, petroleum-resistant, high-tenacity polypropylene netting, installed with aircraft cable and hardware. The polypropylene net allows light and airflow to the lower bay, while keeping technicians and customers secure. User-friendly, the BayNets Safety System glides open and closes fast from either end of the bay and has no rough edges, grids, or design flaws that could injure employees. Once installed, the patented BayNets system has a tensile strength of more than 3 tons. When fully extended, it provides complete fall protection of the open pit area.

Detailed instructions and an installation video are provided that allow easy installation of BayNets in just a few hours. Systems are adaptable to different bay designs because they are customized to precisely fit the size and layout of a bay.

For further information e-mail [email protected] or phone 800-331-0731 toll-free.

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