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BASF forms partnership with MIT center

BASF is establishing a partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL). The company has become a strategic partner in the center's Supply Chain Exchange. The Supply Chain Exchange is an active community of companies that share a common goal to leverage cutting-edge research and knowledge to achieve supply chain-centric competitive advantages.

“The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics is one of the foremost sources of supply chain innovation,” said Dr Robert Blackburn, senior vice-president and head of global supply chain of BASF. “Joining the Supply Chain Exchange provides a great opportunity for BASF to continue our demonstrated track record of developing sustainable innovations throughout our supply chain, as well as better aligning our global supply chain with our corporate business strategy to the benefit of all our stakeholders.”

“BASF is paving the way for sustainable business practices with its innovative supply chain,” said Yossi Sheffi, director for the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. “We are confident our partnership will provide further insight into how they can continue to achieve profitable growth while considering the environmental impact. We are also convinced that this collaboration will provide value not only to MIT, but also to our other partners in the strategic partnerships program.”

The Supply Chain Exchange provides networking and educational opportunities within MIT and CTL's corporate partner community, which includes representatives of some of the leading manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and transportation and logistics service providers. Additionally, BASF will directly benefit from interaction with MIT researchers on current industry issues and privileged access to CTL's symposia series, student recruiting, and communications programs.

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