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Bar's Xtreme simplifies preventive maintenance

Now fleets, owner-operators, and drivers have a couple more weapons in their preventive maintenance arsenal with Bar's Products new line, Bar's Xtreme.

Bar's Xtreme includes two types of products: supplemental cooling additives (SCAs) and diesel fuel additives. The diesel fuel additive portion of the line includes an anti-gel, injector cleaner, cetane improver, deicer, and a biocide registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Fleets can purchase the complete line of Bar's Xtreme products through groups such as VIPAR Heavy Duty Inc, HD America, and Truck Pride. Bar's is also working with TruckPro and FleetPride.

The company also is converting a number of its traditional products for heavy-duty use, especially from its Bar's Leaks and Stiction epoxy lines. For more information, contact Bar's Products, 720 W Rose St, Holly MI 48442.

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