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ATA supports EBE's CSA 2010 Dashboard

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) announced its endorsement of EBE Technologies’ CSA 2010 Dashboard as an effective driver management system to help large and small trucking companies manage their responsibilities under the upcoming CSA 2010 regulations.

EBE’s CSA 2010 Dashboard monitors and retrieves carrier- and driver-related inspection information from FMCSA’s Compass portal daily, providing carriers near real-time visibility into driver behavior so trucking companies can increase compliance, drive down accident costs, and keep drivers and the public safer. The web-based driver management tool delivers flexibility in identifying and acting on at-risk driving behavior. The system delivers both carrier and driver percentiles and measures, and also provides the ability to target specific areas. The information can be displayed by summary or detail views, and searches can be performed by several criteria including inspection category, driver ID, division, fleet manager, points and percentiles. Company trend analysis is available by category, measure, percentile, points, and time period. E-mail alerts can be sent to appropriate personnel based on identified behavior, events, or new activity. DataQ submissions can be automated and tracked through the dashboard as well.

To learn more about ATA’s endorsement and the potential for a 10% discount on the monthly subscription, visit

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