ATA emphasizes security guidelines

Concern that tank trucks could be used by terrorists in attacks in the United States has prompted the American Trucking Association (ATA) to issue some safety guidelines to the trucking industry. ATA posted the guidelines on its Web site,, June 24.

Information about the terrorism concern was relayed to the nation's law enforcement agencies June 21 by the FBI after the agency received uncorroborated reports that terrorists might use the vehicles in the United States and overseas, said Paul Bresson, FBI spokesman in Washington DC. That information and other concerns reported in the news media led ATA to suggest precautions for the trucking industry.

"Particular attention should be given to pre-trip and post-trip inspections of vehicles that transport volatile cargo, most notably fuel," ATA advises. "Drivers should also be especially observant if any such vehicle is stopped or left unattended in a place that is publicly accessible. Any observed suspicious behavior around vehicles and loading areas should be noted and reported as appropriate. Drivers are strongly cautioned against taking any independent action, to avoid suspicious individuals and that such individuals should under no circumstances be confronted directly."

ATA advises suspicious behavior be reported by calling 911 if immediate danger is observed. Other observations should be reported to local police, to the nearest FBI field office, or the National Infrastructure Protection Center at 888-585-9078, 202-323-3205, or contact NIPC.

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