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ATA applauds NY fee rejection

The American Trucking Association is applauding a decision by the New York Senate to reject a driver fee for Manhattan in New York City, according to ATA information.

Automobile and truck drivers would have had to pay $8 and $21 per day, respectively, to drive on weekdays in Manhattan below 86th Street between 6 am and 6 pm.

ATA argued that congestion pricing does little to relieve congestion and is merely a revenue raiser.

ATA had opposed the New York City plan for a number of reasons, including:

•Truck drivers cannot change delivery times, which are set by the shipper and the receiver.

•Workers entering the city cannot change their shift times.

•The plan did not increase capacity of roads.

•Charging an additional fee for motorists who have already paid for the highway with fuel taxes and other federal and state taxes is unfair.

•Not all can afford congestion pricing fees.

•Congestion pricing requires tolling, and tolling is inefficient way to fund highways.

•Up to half of the fee is spent collecting it.

•There is no guarantee that if you pay a congestion fee you won't experience congestion.

•Some view the cameras that are used to gather license plate numbers to assess the fee are an invasion of privacy.

•Such plans usually increase congestion and parking problems in nearby areas.

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