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Asia Tank Container Organization conducts inaugural board meeting

The Asia Tank Container Organization (@tco) has held its inaugural board meeting simultaneously in Shanghai, China, and Houston TX using a teleconferencing link. The @TCO board of directors identified a number of companies as the main stakeholders in the Asian tank container industry and who will now be invited to become members of the organization. The meeting also established an @tco Technical Committee that will become operational June 1, 2011.

@tco was established as a non-profit-making organization by founder members Reginald Lee and Graham Wood in February 2011 to help foster safe use of intermodal tank containers throughout the rapidly developing Asian marketplace. The organization's activities are guided by this board of directors:

  • Reginald Lee, president, @tco

  • Graham Wood, Davlis Ltd

  • Mike Kramer, Stolt Tank Containers

  • Li Jun, Sinochem

  • Jeremy Bergbaum, Exsif/Haite

  • Mike Broadhurst, Transamerica Leasing

  • Leo Yang, CMIC

  • Elton Liu, Fort Vale

  • Jim Silver, Silver/CIMS

  • Professor B Song, Shanghai Maritime University, @tco special advisor

@tco has established links with the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC), two Chinese organizations representing a wide range of chemical company customers and end-users of tank containers. Both associations have agreed to make presentations to their memberships on the safe use of tank containers and the role that @tco can play in Asia in achieving this goal. @tco is also in contact with the Chinese government departments responsible for road, rail and inland shipping.

The Technical Committee established by @tco comprises Graham Wood, Jim Silver, and Qian Yan (Sinochem). It will play a key role in disseminating the body of industry knowledge of safe tank operations to interested parties in Asia. In doing so, the committee will also highlight the cost-effectiveness of tank containers for intermodal transport of bulk liquids, both internationally and nationally.

For further information about @tco, contact Reg Lee, +44-7748-114-542, [email protected]; or Graham Wood, +44-7590-414-845, [email protected]. The website is at

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