McLeod releases definitive software

Jan. 1, 2010
McLeod Software announces the second of its 2009 semi-annual product releases, described by the company as definitive systems for truckload carriers and

McLeod Software announces the second of its 2009 semi-annual product releases, described by the company as “definitive systems” for truckload carriers and brokerage and logistics firms. The base system functionality for the LoadMaster IX truckload dispatch, accounting, and operations product and the PowerBroker II brokerage product underwent a thorough review and enrichment process.

Highlights of the additions and enhancements of the new release applicable to both McLeod's carrier and brokerage software systems fall into three strategic business areas:

Business Analysis

New stored revenue/movement information and a new calculation process provide carriers and brokers access to detailed prorated cost, revenue, and mileage information on each order. Order Entry and Movement list commands enable true visibility of business factors such as freight revenue per mile, total revenue per mile, revenue per total mile, total charge per total distance, pickup/delivery carrier, override pay, and extra pay.

Accurate custom revenue reports can be produced using the search and listing commands.

An Order Revenue Analysis report provides color charts and graphs for a quick visual summary of the company's revenues, distances, and volumes, and allows order sorting and analysis to the most detailed level.

Business Efficiency

New integrated training videos offer users quick, as-needed training available directly from the LoadMaster and PowerBroker user screens. Customers can even add their own training video recordings.

Business Communications

McLeod's Private Notification Network (PNN) is now integrated with the TransCore 3sixty Connexion web service, to offer carriers PNN tractor updates. This feature allows them to send updates on available tractors to leading loadboard providers while still managing them through the LoadMaster software. Users can also search TransCore's live loads database.

Likewise, with the TransCore 3sixty integration, PowerBroker users can search TransCore's live database of available tractors to more efficiently match customer loads with available power units without exiting the PowerBroker system.

An Order Status Alert enhancement allows companies not using EDI to provide order status updates to customers, shippers, consignees, carriers and other remote users via a user-defined template. The Alert will contain detailed status data selected by the company for outside contact receipt.

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