Truck-Lite Offers Full LED Lighting for Trailers

May 1, 2000
WITH THE introduction of three white LED lamps, the Model 15 License Plate Lamp, Model 44 Dome Lamp, and Model 44 Back-up Lamp, Truck-Lite can now supply

WITH THE introduction of three white LED lamps, the Model 15 License Plate Lamp, Model 44 Dome Lamp, and Model 44 Back-up Lamp, Truck-Lite can now supply every lamp needed to legally equip any trailer with long-life LEDs.

Truck-Lite's design of the LED Model 15 License Plate Lamp, which produces a bright white light, has been awarded US Patent Number 5,934,798 covering all LED License Plate Lamp applications. This new license lamp is compatible with Truck-Lite's existing Model 15 license mounting brackets and available in a variety of mounting kits.

Because this new light features a hard-wired design with a standard adapter plug, it eliminates the need for rewiring and makes changeover from incandescent products a snap. The Model 15 License Plate Lamp is designed to operate at 13.5 volts, .05 amps for use in the United States, while a 24-volt version at .03 amps is available for European use. Both versions meet applicable requirements of SAE J587 and are "E" approved to European ECE Regulation 4.

Truck-Lite's new Model 44 interior dome lamp and Model 44 backup lamp are designed with the whitest Light Emitting Diodes on the market today. The bright white illumination allows for maximum visibility for loading, unloading, or backing up any trailer.

These new Model 44 white LED lamps are rated for 13.5 volts at .5 amps and fit within the compact 4" round housing that all other Truck-Lite Super 44s use. Each is available in either grommet or flange mount versions with Sure-Seal connector plugs for extra reliability. The Model 44 backup lamp meets applicable requirements of SAE J593c.

Paul Sniegocki, director of engineering for Truck-Lite, noted, "Our design engineers have been developing white LED products for several years. Until now, overall performance wasn't able to meet our expectations. With innovative design ideas, unique lens optics, and improved white diode performance, Truck-Lite has now achieved effective and efficient beam patterns."

Dependability is greatly increased with "Fit and Forget" technology. All of the Lifetime Lighting products include the same long life features and benefits:

*Total encapsulation of all electronic components in epoxy to resist corrosion, moisture, shock and vibration, and physical damage.

*Direct pin-to-circuitboard soldering and Sure-Seal connector plugs, available on most models, to assure solid, watertight, vibration-resistant contacts.

*DiamondShell premium-performance hard coated models available in a variety of choices for optimal protection against damage and weather deterioration.

*Sealed polycarbonate lens and housing design that evenly distributes light for a full and powerful illumination pattern, while improving visibility overall.

*All light emitting diodes (LEDs) used by Truck-Lite are shock and vibration resistant, draw lower power, and last far longer than incandescent lamps.

The LED Lifetime Lighting products include more than 170 models of clearance marker, stop/turn/tail, combination, mid-turn, turn signals, and the narrow rail LEDs needed to help meet new trailer lighting regulations.

In view of the reliability of these products, Truck-Lite has introduced the Lifetime harness and light system warranty. Vehicles equipped with the Truck-Lite LED Lifetime Lighting products using Sure Seal connectors and harnessed with the Truck-Lite Series 88 "Plug Together" sealed electrical system will be covered for the useful life of the vehicle.