ILTA annual conference in Houston will address security, technical issues

April 1, 2003
DISCUSSIONS on security, technical issues, and market conditions are just a few of the topics slated for the Independent Liquid Terminals Association

DISCUSSIONS on security, technical issues, and market conditions are just a few of the topics slated for the Independent Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) Conference and Trade Show, scheduled Monday through Thursday, June 9-12 at the Adams Mark Hotel in Houston, Texas. General sessions for the conference will get underway on Monday at 9 am, featuring a keynote address by Bob Slaughter, president of the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association. He will discuss a supply-oriented energy policy, including comments on fuel mandates, bans, and other market risks. A luncheon keynote presentation by Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst, Oil Price Information Service, will cover fuel inventory and volatility in the 21st century.

Featured speaker on Tuesday is Rear Admiral Larry Hereth, port security director, US Coast Guard.

Morning and afternoon sessions will include discussions of double leak prevention for single bottom tanks by D Jerry Boldra, senior staff engineer, Shell Pipeline Company; comparison of tank standards by Alan R Watson, president, A R Watson, USA; and from order receipt to invoicing by William R Hoskins, program manager, Aspen Technology Inc.

Other topics include bottom loading and vapor recovery for tank trailers and tank trucks by Phil Wetmore, engineering manager, ChevronTexaco, and Peter J Farrow, consultant, ALLESCO; insurance market update by representatives of Aon Natural Resources; and pressure testing of terminal piping, John M Lieb, chief engineer, Tank Industry Consultants.

Also on the program for discussion are sealed parcel delivery by Anders Mikkelsen, sales and marketing director, FMC Measurement Solutions; California's marine oil terminal security regulations, Gary L Gregory, marine facilities division chief, California State Lands Commission; and port security grants, Jeff Brown, port services director, Ross & Baruzzini.

Other subjects include planning tool for maintaining piers, wharfs, and waterfront facilities, Michael L Fasnacht, vice-president, S T Hudson Engineers Inc; securing economic value from conserving private land, Bradley Raffle, partner, Baker Botts LLP; and aluminum dome roofs, Alfonso Lopez, chief operating officer, Conservatek Industries Inc.

Also maximizing employee performance, Dennis R Deaton, chairman and co-founder, Quma Learning Systems Inc; introduction to hedging strategies, Scott Susich, senior analyst, Energy Management Institute; and transporting and distributing ultra low sulfur diesel, Cheryl J Trench, president, Allegro Energy Consulting.

The economics of product choices for terminals is another topic on the program. Ray Idzior, terminal operations manager, Center Terminal Companies, will provide the discussion. Also on the program is John M Williams, attorney, Luttrell & Williams PC, who will provide employment law update.

Other topics for discussion include terminal valuation considerations, Leon A Klein, chief executive officer, and Gregg Manzione, vice-president, Nationwide Consulting Company Inc; medical surveillance, Ned Cashiola, partner, OccUmed; and enhanced hazard recognition, assessment and corrective action management, David Berg, principal consultant, David Berg & Associates Inc.

Other topics include environmental management systems, John Wolfe, principal, Management Horizons; optimizing environmental health and safety function, Bruce D Groves, president, Emilcott Associates; and measuring the success of behavior-based safety, Monica M Schiller, business development manager, Behavioral Science Technology Inc.

Also a discussion about new SPCC regulations, Eric S Goldman, executive vice-president, Envar Services Inc; and SPCC guidelines for professional engineers, Phil Myers, codes and standards specialist, Chevron Texaco.

Two-day courses

Two-day courses will include topics on tank management and operations, covering tank standards, types of tanks, tank regulations, tank appurtenances, tank inspection, cathodic protection, coatings and linings, tank cleaning, tank foundations, tank lifting and leveling, tank gauging and overfill protection, secondary containment and leak detection, safety considerations, typical maintenance and repairs, and typical tank failures.

The two-day workshop includes a number of presenters and will include time for questions and answers.

A safe tank entry workshop will be conducted by Guy R Colonna, assistant vice-president, National Fire Protection Association, and Richard S Kraus, principal, Petroleum Safety Consultants. This program is designed to provide an overview of the procedures necessary to ensure safe decommissioning, degassing, entry, cleaning, recommissioning, and associated work in and around aboveground storage tanks in the petroleum industry.

Since accident statistics indicate that a large proportion of confined space incidents are the result of atmospheric hazards, the program provides an understanding of the essential components to understand, perform, and evaluate atmospheric monitoring.