Dana expands drive axle family

May 1, 2005
A NEW drive axle series the 590 has joined the Dana Spicer drive axle family. The helical reduction axles represent a natural extension of the successful

A NEW drive axle series — the 590 — has joined the Dana Spicer drive axle family. The helical reduction axles represent a natural extension of the successful 190 series that debuted last year. They are designed to meet and exceed the unique requirements for vehicles involved in vocational applications such as construction, heavy hauling, mining, logging, oil fields, and refuse.

“The new 590 drive axle series features helical reduction gearing technology that significantly enhances startup performance and durability on severe grades,” said Leo Wenstrup, senior product manager, drive axle systems for Dana's Commercial Vehicle Systems. “We've coupled that with the latest computer-aided design technology to produce what we believe is the most durable axle in the marketplace.”

The new 590 series models are available both as single and tandem drive axles with drivetrain ratings up to 2,450 pound-feet of torque and 700 horsepower, and gross combination weight ratings (GCWR) in excess of 260,000 pounds. Primary features include:

  • The widest ratio coverage in the industry, from a fast 4.75:1 to the deepest 10.90:1, to allow for maximum spec'ing flexibility to meet a wide range of vocational applications.
  • The only helical reduction axle in the trucking industry where both front and rear axles can be specified with driver-controlled wheel differential locks for maximum traction.
  • One-piece carriers that add strength and stiffness for added durability.
  • Standard carriers that can be field upgraded to driver-controlled wheel differential locks for additional spec'ing flexibility and high resale value.
  • On-demand lube pump that provides spin-out protection without generating excessive heat, resulting in axle sumps that run significantly cooler than competitive models.
  • Rear axle high-entry design minimizes driveline vibrations often associated with steep inter-axle drivelines.
  • The 1.391:1 helical reduction provides balanced strength between helical and primary gear reductions.
  • The 30,000-pound housing has the largest box section in the industry to effectively and easily support extra-heavy loads.
  • Cast housings with replaceable spindles used in 35,000-pound applications for maximum durability and serviceability.
  • The trucking industry's highest capacity wheel equipment on 30,000-pound and 35,000-pound rated axles for longer life and greater reliability.

Wenstrup noted that the axles have 50 percent fewer components than competitive models, resulting in improved reliability and simplified service and maintenance. Additional product integrity has been added to this lineup of axles with 470-mm primary hypoid gearing with extra-wide face widths.

Gross axle weight ratings from 23,000 to 35,000 pounds allow customers to meet a wide variety of application requirements. A requirement of only 42 pints of Roadranger-approved full synthetic lubricant also contributes to lowering life cycle costs.

The list of attra ctive options on the 590 drive axle series, includes:

  • Wheel differential lock on both the front and rear axle of the tandem for maximum traction.
  • Two optional wide track housings to customize track widths.
  • A wide selection of suspension bracketry for greater adaptability to a wide range of suspension options.

Production is planned for September 2005, and the series will be available for all makes and models of commercial and specialty vehicles manufactured in North America.