HazMat Registration Approaches

June 1, 2001
The 2001-2002 registration year of the Hazardous Materials Registration Program begins July 1, 2001. Companies that engage in these activities are subject

The 2001-2002 registration year of the Hazardous Materials Registration Program begins July 1, 2001. Companies that engage in these activities are subject to registration requirements:

  • Offer or transport a quantity of hazardous material (including hazardous waste) that requires placarding under provisions of subpart F of 49 CFR 172. Hazardous materials offered or transported by farmers in direct support of their farming activities are excepted from this provision. However, shipments of hazardous materials that require placarding offered or transported by farmers that are not in direct support of their farming activities, or that are included in categories 2.A through 2.E below require registration.

  • Offer or transport in commerce any of these:

— A highway route controlled quantity of a Class 7 (radioactive) material.

— More than 25 kilograms (55 pounds) of a Division 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 (explosive) material.

— More than one liter (1.06 quarts) per package of a material extremely toxic by inhalation (defined as materials poisonous by inhalation that meet the criteria for Hazard Zone A).

— A hazardous material (including hazardous waste) in a bulk packaging having a capacity equal to or greater than 13,248 liters (3,500 gallons) for liquids or gases or more than 13.24 cubic meters (468 cubic feet) for solids.

— A shipment in other than a bulk packaging of 2,268 kilograms (5,000 pounds) gross weight or more of one class of hazardous materials for which placarding of a vehicle, rail car, or freight container is required for that class.

Governmental agencies (federal, state, and local), owner-operators under a 30-day or longer lease to a registered motor carrier, and foreign offerors (that do not also transport hazardous materials into the United States) are excepted from all registration requirements.

Beginning with the 2000-2001 registration year, the registration fee is determined by whether the registering “person” (company) meets the size standard for a small business established by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) for each industry group. Companies that meet the SBA standard for a small business must pay an annual fee of $300. Companies that do not meet this criteria must pay an annual fee of $2,000.

Firms may register for one, two, or three years by submitting a single registration statement and paying appropriate fees. A single registration certificate (and registration number) will be issued for the one-, two-, or three-year period. Multiple-year registrations are allowed only for periods beginning in 2000 or 2001.

A copy of the certificate of registration or any other document bearing the current registration number identified as the “US DOT Hazmat Reg No” must be carried aboard each truck or vessel carrying the types and quantities of hazardous materials requiring registration. The certificate must also be kept at the principal place of business of the registrant for three years.

Persons required to register for 2001-2002 must do so by July 1, 2001, or before engaging in any of the activities requiring registration — whichever is later. A brochure containing the registration statement form and instructions was mailed in May 2001 to companies that have registered within the past three years and to companies that appear in lists of companies obtained from offices within the Department of Transportation or from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The brochure with the form is available by phoning 800-942-6990, 617-494-2545, or 202-366-4109; faxing 202-366-7435; or e-mailing [email protected]. Be sure to include name, telephone number, and fax number or mailing address. The brochure and the form can also be printed from the web site at http://hazmat.dot.gov/register.htm. The brochure and form are also available through a Fax-on-Demand service by phoning 800-467-4922 and requesting document 700.