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Feb. 1, 2007
Goodyear expands DuraSeal applications The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co plans to expand its self-sealing commercial tire technology to include more mixed-service

Goodyear expands DuraSeal applications

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co plans to expand its self-sealing commercial tire technology to include more mixed-service tires for vehicles that require maximum off-road traction. DuraSeal Technology will be available in Unisteel G177 severe-service drive tires.

Goodyear G177's aggressive tread design helps provide superb off-road traction. The tire also features high-tear strength tread compound to help resist rubber chipping and chunking. An enhanced casing design helps improve strength, puncture-resistance, and retreadability.

The technology helps seal tread-area punctures up to ¼" diameter when they occur. Previously only offered in Unisteel G287 MSA and G288 MSA mixed-service tires, the technology allows tires to remain in service. They can be retreaded and retain sealing effectiveness.

Provided in sizes 11R22.5 H, 11R24.5 H, and 12R22.5 H, the G177 mixed-service tire featuring DuraSeal Technology is manufactured in Goodyear's Danville VA plant. A 12R24.5 H size is available as of September 2006.

PSI begins Commercial Fleet Tire Digest

Pressure Systems International has launched the Commercial Fleet Tire Digest, a guide to reducing tire expenditures. In each issue, tire expert Al Cohn will address a topic crucial to improving a commercial fleet's tire performance. Next to fuel, tires have been and will continue to be the #1 maintenance issue facing fleets. Each issue of the digest will help readers control these costs. The inaugural issue focuses on a tire's worst enemy — heat — and why maintaining proper inflation reduces its effects.

Commercial Fleet Tire Digest will be published 10 times a year. Access issues at, or visitors to the web site can complete a subscription form to have each issue delivered directly to them.

Interactive CD aids Tiremaax maintenance

To assist service technicians in maintaining Tiremaax automatic tire inflation systems, Hendrickson has published Tiremaax Troubleshooting, a free interactive CD.

Available from Hendrickson Trailer Suspension System sales and service managers, the CD (L942) serves as a visual tool to further illustrate the troubleshooting techniques described in various technical publications. The entire CD is also available on the Hendrickson web site, in Flash format.

The video and animated segments on the CD walk viewers step-by-step through the process of locating and identifying air-loss problems for a trailer in conjunction with the Tiremaax blink code system to identify faults. The user simply clicks on the link or links representing the blink code from their system or problem they are experiencing.

For a free interactive Tiremaax troubleshooting CD, e-mail Ralph Norton at [email protected].

Tire pressure monitoring for all fleets

With recent advances in microchip technology, electronic tire pressure monitoring is now affordable for both large and small fleet operations. The Tire Sentry system uses advanced RF microchip technology to continuously monitor tire pressure from inside the cab. This wireless remote sensing system enables low tire pressure to be automatically detected by using electronic wheel sensors (electronic valve caps), to warn the driver/operator when any tire has lost as little as 10% of its normal operating pressure.

Installation takes only about one hour and does not require special tools, technical knowledge, or removal of the wheels.

Models are provided for most wheel and axle configurations from six to 22 wheels. For further information, e-mail Richard Van Dyke at [email protected].

Updated technical guide covers MTIS by PSI

ArvinMeritor and Pressure Systems International have updated their technical guide covering the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI to include information about ThermALERT. An advanced MTIS by PSI technology, ThermALERT detects increased wheel-end temperatures and helps alert drivers to stop for repairs before serious damage can occur. This early warning helps reduce the potential risk, cost, and downtime associated with wheel loss, wheel end failures, and trailer fires.

MTIS by PSI can be installed on any type of trailer. The optional ThermALERT is now available on new trailers assembled with Meritor-prepped TN, TQ, and P-spindle profile trailer axles.

Updated literature can be obtained by e-mailing D Mike Penington at [email protected].

Tire, battery monitoring technology for 8600

International Truck and Engine Corp has demonstrated a new tire and battery monitoring technology that will be introduced on its International 8600 model, used primarily by regional haul fleets.

A high-resolution on-board color display screen makes it easy for drivers to check tire pressure and battery health. Optional exterior cameras to reveal blind spots and provide assistance when backing can also feed images into the on-board information display. The tire pressure monitoring system quickly and accurately identifies tire temperature and pressure. This system relies on International's multiplexed electrical system and pressure sensors. The battery monitor provides drivers with information on battery voltage and state of charge for engine cranking.

These new features were demonstrated at the National Private Truck Council's Annual Education Management Conference in Nashville TN earlier in 2006.