Truck-Lite Lamp Illuminates with Six Diodes

Feb. 1, 2001
Truck-Lite Co Inc has introduced a new series of LED Super 44 stop/turn/tail lamps that produce a brighter, more robust light pattern while only using

Truck-Lite Co Inc has introduced a new series of LED Super 44 stop/turn/tail lamps that produce a brighter, more robust light pattern while only using six diodes.

Super 44 lamps use SnapLED technology, developed with Truck-Lite by LumiLeds Lighting, which employs an advanced metal substrate for the circuit board. Because this substrate dissipates heat more effectively, the brighter LEDs can be "driven" to a more intense light output without risking damage to diodes. Another benefit of SnapLED technology is a process called cold clinching, which connects the discrete diodes to the metal substrate by mechanically and electrically creating a clinch joint. The clinch frame performs as a printed circuit board while creating a more reliable lighting product. Overall thickness of LED circuitry also is reduced.

Truck-Lite's new Super 44 is designed at 13.5 volts with a current draw of .03 to .3 amps. A redesigned housing measures 1.6 inches deep. The lamp is available in grommet-mount versions or an enhanced flange mount. The newly designed reinforced flange mount provides improved resistance against stress cracking from overtightening and is available in black, gray, or white. Super 44 uses the same standard mounting holes and accessories as all Truck-Lite 4" round lamps. Optional Diamond Shell hard coat models are offered, and a sure-seal plug simplifies installation or retrofitting. For more information, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Perf-O Grip 2 Grating Joins GS Product Line GS Metals Corp has added Perf-O Grip 2 grating to its product line. This grating features 1 15/16" hole spacing. It can be produced with safety end margins on its 5" through 12" widths (two-through six-hole plank styles) and without end margins on its 18" through 30" widths (10 through 16-hole plank styles). Perf-O Grip 2 is in 10', 12', 20', and 24' lengths.

The company continues to produce the original Perf-O Grip grating with 2" hole spacing in 5" through 30" widths and 10', 12', 20', and 24' lengths. Walkways in 24", 30", and 36" widths and stair treads also are available in both the Perf-O Grip 2 and original Perf-O Grip styles. For more information, contact GS Metals, 3764 Longspur Rd, Pinckneyville IL 62274.

Device Lets Vehicles Signal for U-Turns Boxlar 180 International Inc announces the Vehicular U-Turn Indicator, which allows the driver of any vehicle to signal when making a 180 turn. This patented device consists of small LED lighting placed in a 180 U-shape. It is designed for use in several areas, including the rear, front, and sides of a vehicle. For more information, phone 775-886-0758.

Gunite LMS Hubs Avert Improper Installation Gunite Corp has introduced LMS hubs that incorporate a structural design and advanced metallurgy to provide advantages of Gunite's standard ductile hubs with the added benefits of a unitized design. Factory-assembled and preloaded to exacting tolerances, Gunite LMS hubs eliminate problems associated with improper field installation of bearings.

LMS hubs also eliminate premature seal failures. Traditional bearing replacements can result in improper loading of the hub/bearing assembly. Either over- or under-torquing of the assembly will cause premature seal failure. This problem can cause contamination of brake components and lead to premature bearing failure. Because LMS hubs are assembled in a controlled factory environment, seals are protected from damage caused by over- or undertorquing. This reduces the potential for problems caused by leaking wheel seals.

LMS drive hubs are available with a drive flange oil fill design. This allows use of lubricants compatible with popular differential lubricants. Hubs are backed by a three-year, 350,000-mile warranty. For further information, contact Gunite, 302 Peoples Ave, Rockford IL 61108.

Grote Enhances Fluorescent Lighting Program Grote Industries has improved its fluorescent lighting program. To complement its fluorescent dome lamp, the firm introduces a sturdy mounting pan and new push-button switch. Tubes in Grote's fluorescent lamps last 12,000 hours. These fluorescent lamps come on quickly in temperatures from 0 to 125 F, and have a cool-burning design that reduces risk of cargo damage and fire.

Anti-yellowing conditioners in the acrylic lens provide consistent light transmission for the life of a trailer. High-pressure spray washes, temperature changes, roof flexes, and vibration aren't a threat to the lens, due to its flexibility. The lens will hold up under virtually any conditions, without cracking.

The new dome lamp enclosure pan provides a firm surface for secure mounting of the lamp. It is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum that provides rigidity without adding much weight. The pan provides support for the lamp while keeping the insulation from the roof area away from the lamp for safety. Pre-punched holes for mounting and wire egress mean easy installation.

The unit features a push-button design, programmable timer, and LED pilot light. For added convenience, the switch has a programmable time delay system with 16 different settings, ranging from two minutes to 2 1/2 hours. The unit mounts to the outside of the trailer and is sealed to keep out moisture and dirt. An LED pilot light on the faceplate makes it easy to see whether lights inside the trailer are on or off.

The switch's low resistance minimizes voltage drop; it can switch a 30-amp load. A built-in replaceable fuse protects the lighting system within the trailer, and the electronic switch is protected against transients, load dump, reverse polarity, and EMC. For more details, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

Flowmeter Measures Hazardous Fluids Schlumberger offers the Type MP oscillating piston flowmeter, designed for measuring hazardous fluids. Measured fluid is static-sealed from the environment by means of a magnetically coupled output drive. There are no leak-prone through-case shafts, dynamic seals, glands, or stuffing boxes.

The oscillating piston and magnetic drive are the only moving parts, and the measuring mechanism can be replaced in five minutes using hand tools. Recalibration is not necessary. MP wetted parts are available in Type 316 stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, or bronze, with four different piston materials for fluid compatibility and performance value.

The user may choose between completely mechanical batching or electronic operations based on the Schlumberger Batchmate 1500 controller.

MP accuracy performance is 0.5%, with repeatability of 0.2% over a 10:1 flow range. Accuracy is not affected by moderate viscosity changes. Line sizes of 1", 2", and 3" are available, with flow rates to 300 gpm. A 1/2" meter is available in stainless steel only. For literature on applications, contact Schlumberger Measurement Division, 1310 Emerald Rd, Greenwood SC 29646-8800.

Ventilation Blower Hose Has Various Uses Federal Hose Mfg's Type WPV ventilation blower hose is durable, lightweight, and designed for maximum air-handling capabilities. This hose is constructed using a vinyl/polyester material and can be used with a range of blowers, portable evacuators, and fans.

The weather-resistant hose is designed with dual-direction flow and low friction loss. Applications include venting fumes or smoke, and delivering fresh air to enclosed work environments. These hoses can be equipped with various special ends and belted cuffs.

Diameters range from 4" to 42", and hoses can handle temperatures from -40 to +180 F. Standard lengths are 15', 20', and 25'. For full details, contact Federal Hose, PO Box 1400, Painesville OH 44077.

Direct Dimension Improves Upper Coupler Direct Dimension Inc has enhanced its Revolver lube-free upper coupler, which now incorporates use of stainless steel in two critical areas. The Revolver's retaining ring, which positions the UHMW polyethylene disc, is now made of stainless steel. DDI also has incorporated a stainless steel insert that is bonded to the upper coupler plate. Using stainless steel in these two areas eliminates any corrosion that could result from harsh chemicals used on highways to control ice.

With these enhancements, the company has extended its warranty coverage to 10 years. For full information, contact DDI, 8195 Pyott Rd, Lake in the Hills IL 60102.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems Provides Sentinel Six-Channel Antilock Braking Systems Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems offers six-channel antilock braking systems for motor coach and truck applications. The Sentinel system features technology from Bendix's global joint-venture relationship with Knorr-Bremse in a 6S6M ABS configuration (six wheel speed sensors and six modulators that transmit pulsating air when a wheel locks). The 6S6M configuration provides individual, all-wheel ABS control on three-axle or tag-axle vehicles.

All-wheel control gives drivers braking control in slippery road conditions with shorter stopping distances and better brake-in-lane performance. Individual tire control also provides better split-coefficient performance - situations in which one tire stops on water or ice and another tire stops on dry pavement - by allowing the ABS to respond to each tire individually. Enhanced braking control also minimizes tire flatspotting.

The Sentinel six-channel system provides two traction options. An automatic traction control feature senses individual wheel slippage even before brakes are applied, adjusting driver torque of the axle to the other wheels to control slipping. An in-cab manual control switch improves traction in off-road, slow speed, soft-soil conditions.

Operators have two diagnostic options: blink code technology or hand-held MPSI Pro-Link diagnostics. Other features include:

- Modular ECU design that can be mounted on the frame or in the cab.

- 12-volt, metal modulator with integral connectors.

- Sealed, high-signal strength sensors with metal heads.

- Product support.

The Sentinel six-channel ABS complements Bendix's existing ABS line for power units, which now includes 4S4M, 6S4M, and 6S6M systems.

For more details, contact Bendix, 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035.

Del City Offers Mirrors, Various Lighting Products Several styles of truck lamps, lamp accessories, reflectors, and replacement mirrors are available through Del City.

Stop/tail/turn lamps and clearance/marker lamps from Del City are water- and dust-resistant with shock-resistant polymer housing. With a sealed lens design, Del City lamps and markers have bulbs that retrofit with existing mounts and brackets. License/utility lamps are also offered.

Truck lighting accessories such as pigtail plugs and rubber grommets are included also. Pigtail plugs - two- or three-contact styles - are manufactured for use with single sealed contact lamps, and can replace similar styles. Rubber grommets restore shock protection, security, and improve truck appearance.

Del City offers hermetically sealed reflectors in either center-mount, side-mount, or with adhesive backing options. Reflectors are available in diameters from 2 1/2" through 4 7/16".

Mirrors are available, including West Coast style, stick-on, or round convex styles. For more information, contact Del City, 2101 W Camden Rd, Milwaukee WI 53209.

Goodyear Adds Two Sizes for Drive Tire Goodyear's newest entry in the linehaul drive tire market is available in two additional sizes. The G372 LHD now comes in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5. Earlier in 2000, the company introduced the tire in 295/75R22.5 and 285/75R24.5. All four sizes are rated for a G load range.

The G372 LHD, which has a 30/32" nonskid tread, also is the first linehaul drive tire made with Goodyear's Enhanced Casing Design (ECD), which improves retreadability. For full details, contact Goodyear, 1144 E Market St, Akron OH 44316-0001.

Holland Neway Unveils RL-300 Suspension Holland Neway International Inc, a member of The Holland Group Inc, introduces the RL-300, a 30,000-lb air-ride suspension for on- and off-highway, severe-duty, heavy-hauling applications. RL-300 suspension technology incorporates Holland Neway's three-bushing design.

"It is a design that provides a high fore and aft spring rate almost twice that of an alternative one-bushing design," says Russ Franks, commercial manager, Holland Neway Trailer Air Suspensions. "The bushings improve tracking and axle alignment which, in turn, increases tire life. Our patented double bushing axle adapter absorbs axle torque so that excessive axle stress and maintenance problems are significantly reduced."

The RL-300 is available with ride heights that range from 14" to 17" and provides 60/40 load distribution. It comes with a five-year, 500,000-mile warranty. For full information, contact Holland Neway, 1950 Industrial Blvd, PO Box 425, Muskegon MI 49443-0425.

WABCO Takes Easy-Stop ABS a Step Further A trailer antilock braking system (ABS) that does more than combat wheel lockup has been introduced by MeritorWABCO Vehicle Control Systems.

The next generation of WABCO's Easy-Stop trailer ABS will come standard with a notebook feature that will record critical information about the trailer and its history, storing it in the ABS electronic control unit. A free-form text segment of the notebook feature will enable the truck operator to record notes regarding trailer activity. Data stored in the ABS will be accessible through PC diagnostics. An electronic odometer also will be available.

This ABS will be offered in three levels: base, standard, and premium. The premium level will provide four generic inputs and outputs for powering various trailer accessories. All three levels will meet the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandate for an in-dash warning light that indicates trailer malfunction. The new rule takes effect March 1, 2001.

The Easy-Stop system uses power line carrier (PLC) communications technology to allow data and power to be transmitted simultaneously through the trailer power, or "blue," wire. WABCO said this design will enable it to meet the federal requirement without additional wiring or modifying the existing seven-pin trailer connector.

This new system also features an integrated ABS modulator valve design for two-modulator systems, which WABCO says reduces the number of overall components needed. The system will be available to North American trailer manufacturers by January 2001. For more information, contact WABCO, 2135 W Maple Rd, Troy MI 48084-7186.

International Truck Approves 4-Way Mirror KAM Truck Components Inc's heated, motorized 4-Way mirror is now a first-fit option for buyers of new International trucks.

Increased field of view, reduced mirror vibration, aerodynamic styling, and easy glass replacement of 4-Way earned it "Approved Vendor" status from International Truck and Engine Corp. This mirror adjusts up and down, increasing a driver's field of view. Dual-axis capability helps drivers quickly spot curb, wheel, or roof situations from the cab, as well as see axle placement on scales and bobtail hookups.

A patented lightweight alloy used for an internal bracket combined with FET (Friction Enhancement Technology) helps reduce mirror vibration. A pop-in/pop-out design allows replacement of mirror glass in less than three minutes.

Other 4-Way features include: an impact-resistant mirror back available in black or chrome finish, self-regulating heating element for defrosting, and mirror adjustment of 60 in six seconds. For further information, contact KAM, 611 Ottawa Ave, Holland MI 49423.

Double-Seal Plugs, Pigtails Form Snug Seal Grote Industries' double-seal plugs and pigtails are designed to form a superior seal for lamp-to-harness interface. Grote uses two seals on its plugs and pigtails. This patented design includes an O-ring that goes inside the lamp connection and a "dustskirt" that fits snugly along the outside of the lamp connection. The two seals combine to offer twice the protection, making a moisture-proof connection. All plugs and pigtails for male pin lamps feature a grease groove. This cutout in the middle of the plug relieves pressure from grease in the connection that could otherwise push the plug away from the lamp over time.

Double-seal plugs and pigtails are an integral part of Grote's "Plug and Go" technology. Because incandescent and LED lamps both use the same connections, retrofitting from incandescent to LED lamps is easy. For more details, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

Dialight LED Signal Has Potted Sealing Design Dialight Corp offers a red 4" round LED stop/tail/turn signal. The new 44 Series lamps feature a single-piece, potted sealing design that eliminates the weld that normally attaches the lens to the base, thereby removing a major potential failure point.

Available in 12 or 24 volts, the new 44 Series lamps contain 10 LEDs and incorporate a regulator that maintains uniform intensity. Integral wiring eliminates the need for additional connections, and multiple termination options permit mating to existing wire harness systems. Lamps fit standard industry grommets, and are available in flanged versions with O-ring seals to prevent moisture from entering a vehicle. Since lenses have no top orientation, lamps can be mounted at any rotational angle. Optional hard coating prevents damage from chemicals and abrasion.

For more information, contact Dialight, 1913 Atlantic Ave, Manasquan NJ 08736.

RVP Employs Rotary Screw Technology Gardner Denver has introduced the RVP Rotary Vacuum Package line of vacuum pumping systems. Using rotary screw technology, the RVP is designed for maximum performance at industrial "rough vacuum" levels. Available in 10-, 15-, and 20-horsepower sizes, the RVP includes the Auto Sentry VS2000 microprocessor-based system controller. This device features enhanced self-diagnostic and protective shutdown capabilities, full text operating status, and service messaging and digital control. The RVP requires only power and vacuum piping connections to operate.

For more information, contact Gardner Denver, 1800 Gardner Expressway, Quincy IL 62301.

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