Product Showcase: on-board tracking systems

June 1, 2007
NovaTracker Maya can cut transmission costs NovaTracker is introducing a more intelligent generation of customizable wireless and GPS hardware systems

NovaTracker Maya can cut transmission costs

NovaTracker is introducing a more intelligent generation of customizable wireless and GPS hardware systems powered by proprietary technology that integrates easily with most vehicle tracking software and cuts transmission costs.

The Maya is a versatile and reliable in-vehicle GPS equipped, GSM-capable data hub that allows existing fleet management software systems to do far more, with less.

Leveraging the intelligent technology developed by NovaTracker as the proprietary platform for its wireless and GPS solutions, Maya becomes an in-vehicle network hub. This unit can provide a large range of data types such as location reporting, vehicle status, and a variety of event codes including geofence violation. It will transmit information the customer has specified with as many as 16 different variables.

The simplicity and compactness of the Maya provides for fast deployment using minimal space. It is equipped with two digital and one analog input channels. Options include Bluetooth and USB I/O.

SkyBitz keeps track of 100,000-plus trailers

SkyBitz, provider of Global Locating System (GLS) trailer tracking technology for the trucking industry, has added six customers that are deploying its tracking systems. More than 290 fleets now rely on the cost-effective SkyBitz GLS technology to track in excess of 100,000 trailers.

The latest customers have each selected the SkyBitz GLS 200 with Smart Sensor Tracking, a technology that automatically filters out the trailer's non-essential starts and stops. It only reports actionable information determined by the customer, such as load arrival and departure times.

Telargo to leverage Motorola technology

Telargo Inc says it would leverage Motorola's G24 wireless communications module as part of its comprehensive system for tracking and monitoring mobile assets.

Telargo's enterprise-level system incorporates hardware, software, and communications services. Motorola's G24 is an embedded module for voice and data communications that uses the GSM and GPRS standards for transmitting data from Telargo's portable terminals.

Up-to-the-minute information on the status, performance, and location of mobile assets is provided by Telargo. The firm also applies critical analysis to the data for true business intelligence for maximizing fleet and equipment utilization, increasing workforce productivity, reducing expenses, and enforcing safety and compliance regulations. Motorola's wireless modules ensure that Telargo's system provides fast, accurate, and secure data transmissions with superior geographic coverage.

OnRoute joins TMW applications family

TMW Systems has released its newest mobile communication product offering: OnRoute. This is the first application to launch on the Qualcomm Mobility Services for Transportation platform running on Sprint's Nextel National Network.

Based on TMW's D2Link mobile communications system, OnRoute combines the dispatch-centered functionality of D2Link with Qualcomm's data security and message management capabilities. Available by subscription on a range of Nextel handsets and combined with Sprint data and voice services in monthly billing, OnRoute transforms GPS-enabled wireless phones running Java into driver communications devices for trip communications, vehicle location tracking, and load assignments integrated with company operations.

OnRoute can complement existing advanced mobile communications systems to cover unequipped fleet segments such as local delivery fleets, owner-operators, and seasonal/temporary drivers.

TMW offers a standard integration to OnRoute with the firm's enterprise management system software including TMWSuite for Windows, TruckMate for Windows, and TL2000. E-mail Cindy Nelson at [email protected] for further details.

Alurte enhances fleet route management

Routeware has launched Alurte to better manage a fleet's route operations. The Alurte system features GPS-based tracking, mapping, and alerts to improve information for all levels of an organization. The Alurte system can be expanded and reconfigured to add features.

Alurte provides real-time maps of individual driver/truck locations and movement. By using Alurte, a supervisor will know whether a driver is speeding, idling his truck too long, or involved in unauthorized use. Knowing the truck's proximity to a customer will aid dispatching.

With Alurte, fleet operators can receive immediate e-mail alerts from any Internet or wireless connection to help correct unauthorized actions. Top management can receive daily, weekly, or monthly summaries that highlight ways to cut costs. Drivers can review reports and/or receive more accurate performance reviews.

PeopleNet enhances PerformX system

PeopleNet has announced two enhancements to its vehicle management system, PerformX. Fault codes, the first enhancement, will enable PerformX to alert fleet maintenance managers of vehicle malfunctions and future maintenance issues wirelessly and in real time. The second, OBD-II (on-board diagnostics), will extend PerformX capabilities to light trucks and vans.

PerformX is the vehicle monitoring module of PeopleNet's g3 system, which connects the on-board computer to the vehicle's engine. It draws data from the engine control module on a vehicle. PerformX reports show managers precisely how a vehicle has functioned and how it was driven.

Fault codes and the OBD-II capability will be available for PeopleNet users at the end of first quarter 2007.