A review: Updates, new options

May 1, 2003
COMPANIES are now well past establishing Web sites and are starting to take a look at their audience and then adding new options to serve them. No longer

COMPANIES are now well past establishing Web sites and are starting to take a look at their audience and then adding new options to serve them. No longer thinking locally, or even nationally, companies and associations that serve the tank truck industry are minding a global store.

With international access a given, the American Petroleum Institute has launched a worldwide search service to find API-certified organizations. Perolo, based in Italy, brings its products and services to customers with the touch of a key.

Roadranger has upgraded its site, offering more options for answering questions, and Transportation Safety Technologies is using the Internet to make its product ordering via the Web.


The American Petroleum Institute's (API) Quality Programs Department has developed a new database-driven Web site that is designed to conduct searches to locate API-certified organizations around the world. The composite list enhances the ability of the purchaser to communicate directly with an API certified organization regarding its products and services.

The new API composite list provides different search options, and allows users the flexibility to search by organization certification number, by product, by geographical area, or a combination of those.

According to API, there are nearly 1,600 API certified organizations in 65 countries. Only companies that meet API's certification standards are found on the website.


Roadranger has re-invented its North American customer support Web site. The site retains all previous content and customer support features of the original, while adding additional user-friendly options.

One page provides a road speed calculator. It can determine various calculations such as road speed at 1,900 rpm with low-profile tires. Other questions that can be answered include what axle ratio is needed if you want to operate at a certain speed with a certain rpm. On another page, the top-geared road speed of any drivetrain combination can be determined.

The new Literature Center offers up sales literature, service manual, or parts book. A new service is now provided that links the Literature Center with the InfoRanger “page-view” service and parts information system.

Also new to the site is a “Print-to-Kinko's” feature that allows customers to order printed copies of Roadranger literature direct to the local Kinko's outlet.


Many of the products from Transportation Safety Technologies (TST), Indianapolis, Indiana, can now be ordered online. Products that can be purchased via the Web include circuit protectors, relays, solenoids, switches, lighting and electrical control, and meters and displays.

In addition, the company has a separate site, tst-eagleeye.com, for Eagle Eye, an electronic obstacle detection system. The site includes order capability, as well as product description. For technical support, product owners with password-protected access can see manuals, technical documentation, and troubleshooting procedures.

The Eagle Eye site also has Web links to safety information from such sources as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and its reports on collision avoidance systems, lane changing, and intelligence transportation systems.


Perolo SA, Blaye, France, allows customers with a prearranged password to enter a section of its Web site to order products. Perolo is a Syltone Subsidiary with sales in the United States through Drum. For those who are just window shopping, the company provides product information and specifications.

The information is reached by clicking on the product range button that leads to the stainless steel valves and fittings that are manufactured by the company, a Syltone plc division.

A codes section and links to related companies and associations provide additional service. Links also are available for product distributors.