Equipment News

April 1, 2001
Girard Produces Multi-Use Venting Device Girard Equipment has unveiled the latest in its venting technology products. Originally developed for intermediate

Girard Produces Multi-Use Venting Device

Girard Equipment has unveiled the latest in its venting technology products. Originally developed for intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), the Vent/Fill Cap can also be used in the tank trailer industry, especially in liquid edible transportation.

The 3" stainless steel valve consists of a dual-acting pallet for both pressure and vacuum relief and can be polished to a 3A or foodgrade finish. The inlet connection can be either NPS (straight) or an ACME thread pattern. Strategically placed seal tabs allow for use of tamper-evident seals to ensure that container contents will not be tampered with or compromised.

The Vent/Fill Cap can be easily repaired in the field or sent back to Girard for reconditioning. For further information, contact Girard, US Hwy #1, Rahway NJ 07065.

Fill Hole Speeds, Simplifies Hub Lubrication

Consolidated Metco Inc has made lubricant fill holes a standard feature on every aluminum steer, drive, and trailer hub it makes. Located in the barrel of the hub, this fill hole allows semi-fluid grease to be added directly into the hub cavity, with the outer bearing and spindle nut still in place.

As a result, the fill hole greatly speeds and simplifies wheel end lubrication — and it minimizes the risk of cocked seals. This fill hole is equipped with a compression O-ring fitting, which eliminates risk of leakage once the fill hole plug has been properly installed.

For more details, contact ConMet, PO Box 83201, Portland OR 97283-0201.

Catalog Illuminates Truck-Lite Product Line

Truck-Lite's full line of advanced LED and Harness Lifetime Lighting Systems is featured in a new 26-page catalog highlighting more than 200 LED products, more than 100 accessories, and all components for a sealed Series 88 Plug Together harness system. Products are categorized in clearly marked sections consisting of stop-turn-tail lamps, front park and turn lamps, marker-clearance lamps, cab markers lamps, license plate lamps, dome lamps, back-up lamps, mounting accessories, and Series 88 sealed harnesses.

Every LED product is shown with a color photo. The catalog gives detailed information on each lamp, including lens and housing material, voltage requirements and amp draw, kit components, recommended mounting applications, and plug specifications.

The Mounting Accessory section includes the most popular mounts that accommodate almost any application.

Series 88 Plug Together harnesses ensure electrical contact and eliminate the need for junction boxes. Detailed, full color illustrations depict every harness component needed to customize any trailer. Diagrams of typical 28-, 48-, and 53-foot van trailers and 48-ft flatbeds show all components necessary to equip each with a complete Series 88 system.

Details of Truck-Lite's LED and harness lifetime warranty, along with complete information on Diamond Shell protective hard coated products, are in the catalog.

Catalogs can be requested online at, by e-mail at [email protected], or by contacting Truck-Lite Co, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Endura Rubber Flooring Resists Oil, Grease

Endura Flooring has introduced Endura OGR oil- and grease-resistant rubber flooring. Designed for use in fast-lube service bays and other trucking and transportation applications, OGR is available in raised-square and sculptured-flat profiles in dark gray, black, red, and safety yellow. Its high slip retardance helps prevent slips and falls, a built-in wax reduces maintenance costs, and it is backed with a 10-year warranty. Endura provides OGR installation worldwide.

OGR does not crack or chip even under constant vehicle traffic and is impervious to topical moisture and most other automotive and vehicle fluids, including diesel fuel. Oil, grease, and other spills are easily removed, and scratches and other indentations quickly self-heal. OGR withstands heavy loads and is not damaged by forklifts, jacks, or heavy wheeled carts. It also reduces noise. The flooring is self-waxing and requires no additional top-applied waxes, coatings, or sealers to remain effective.

For more information, contact Endura, a division of the Biltrite Corp, 51 Sawyer Rd, Waltham MA 02454.

Breakaway System Averts Equipment Damage

Civacon's line of plug-and-cord sets includes its Breakaway plug-and-cord system, which helps prevent accidental equipment damage from unplugged cord driveaways. Available in both optic and thermistor configurations, the Breakaway system uses the same materials as Civacon's standard plug-and-cord sets for reliable operation, corrosion resistance, and long life. The Breakaway plug-and-cord system can be ordered for optic (part #7191S) or thermistor (#7391S) configurations.

For full information, contact Civacon, 4304 Mattox Rd, Kansas City MO 64150.

Gauge Measures Metal Component Thickness

StressTel's new TM1 D Plus precision thickness gauge measures thickness of precision-machined and formed metal components. The TMI D Plus has a measurement range of 0.010" to 1.00" in metals and is compatible with several transducers for optimum measurement performance.

Other features include a large backlit LCD display, metal housing, weather-resistant keypad, high/low alarm limits with flashing annunciator, and a function to display positive or negative difference between thickness measurement and preset value. For full details, contact StressTel, 2790 W College Ave, State College PA 16801-2605.

Hendrickson HCV Provides Twice the Airflow

Hendrickson has unveiled its universal height control valve (HCV) for truck, tractor, and trailer air-ride suspensions. The Hendrickson HCV provides twice the airflow of comparable-size valves for quicker air up, improved response, and faster exhaust. That delivers greater suspension, trailer, and cargo protection during normal operation, while improving stability during loading and unloading.

Fewer moving parts, large bearing surface areas, and multiple seals make the Hendrickson valve more resistant to side loading and misalignment issues often experienced in the field. The tuned dead band and porting minimizes air consumption while improving overall suspension system response.

This valve is standard original equipment on all Hendrickson truck, tractor, and trailer air suspension systems. HCV Aftermarket Kit VS-227 includes hardware for installation on virtually all truck, tractor, and trailer air-ride suspensions regardless of manufacturer, model, or year.

For more details, contact Hendrickson, 800 S Frontage Rd, Woodridge IL 60517-4904.

Pro GP Safety Tire Inflator Can Handle All Tire Sizes

Vangard Inc Tire Equipment Group has introduced the new Futura Pro GP 145, a computerized safety tire inflator for truck tires. It features a digital LCD readout, two warning alarms, locking air chucks, and 30 feet of hose.

The Pro GP 145 will inflate all tire sizes to pressures from 3 to 145 psi. Operation consists only of setting desired pressure. The Pro GP 145 will start automatically and inflate or deflate a tire to set pressure. Upon reaching desired pressure, the warning light and beeper will activate and the unit will shut off. The Futura can be used for all types of fleet operations as well as tire shop, service trucks, quick lubes, and service bays.

For more information, contact Vangard, PO Box 885, 980 W Union Rd, West Union SC 29696.

New Pig Corp Provides Dark Oil-Only Booms

New Pig Corp has introduced new dark Oil-Only Pig absorbent booms for cleanup of petroleum-based liquid spills on lakes, ponds, and streams, as well as on land. The dark-colored Oil-Only Pig booms contain oil-absorbing properties of New Pig's white Oil-Only Pig booms.

Tubular mesh netting that encases pulp filler adds durability and is surrounded by a black polypropylene skin that helps hide grime more effectively than white booms. It also prevents pulp filler from falling out of the boom.

The dark Oil-Only boom will not deteriorate and stands up to abrasion. This new product is more UV-resistant than white booms. A polypropylene rope that runs inside the boom provides strength when deploying and retrieving the boom. Plus, booms can be linked together using the large welded fastening rings on each end. This new product also can be used on land. The pulp filler conforms to the shape of rocks close to the surface of a stream and lies flat on the ground to serve as a land boom.

For more information or a free Pigalog catalog, contact New Pig, One Pork Ave, Tipton PA 16684.

Cat Engines to Offer ACERT

Caterpillar has announced that all Cat truck engines will employ ACERT (Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology) as the primary technology for meeting emissions regulations through 2006 and beyond. ACERT will be integrated with the HEUI fuel system for on-highway truck engines and the latest in Cat electronics. A cost-efficient emissions technology, ACERT will be available exclusively on Caterpillar truck engines.

Chelsea Debuts New PTOs

The Chelsea Auxiliary Power Group of Dana Corp's Drivetrain Service Division has unveiled a new power take-off (PTO) design for use on Allison 1000, 2000, and 2400 Series transmissions. The new 250 Series PTO marries Chelsea power shift technology with the drivability of the new Allison automatic transmissions.

Chelsea's new 250 Series is available in both 12- and 24-volt electric-over-hydraulic shift options. It also features a SAE “A” 5/8-inch, nine-tooth splined shaft, and for remote mount applications a 1" round shaft with 1/4" key.

For more details, contact Dana Corp's Drivetrain Service Division, PO Box 321, Toledo OH 43697-0321.

Landa Modifies Washwater Recycling Systems

Landa Water Cleaning Systems has unveiled major modifications to enhance maintenance and operation of its line of self-contained, washwater recycling systems. Among alterations to the CLP (Clarifier Low Profile) systems are:

  • Moving control panels to a more accessible position.

  • Pumps repositioned to accommodate easier access.

  • Larger cartridge filters to reduce maintenance frequency.

  • All filters moved to the edge of the self-contained platform for convenient access.

  • Flow meters and gauges positioned for easier monitoring.

  • Water solenoid valves placed in an unobstructed position.

  • A hand service shelf installed for service technician convenience.

CLP models handle wastewater flows of up to 40 gallons per minute. They feature:

  • A raised, solids-separation tank for aboveground handling of heavy dirt loads in a wash operation.

  • A system that is self-contained on a painted steel platform.

  • Aboveground, steep-pitch sludge disposal.

  • Filters that are easily backwashed or cleaned for reuse.

  • A steep-pitched, cone-shape coalescing pack in the clarifier tank for optimum separation of oil and solids from wastewater.

  • A chemical monitoring and injection system for introducing flocculates and other chemicals to enhance cleaning capabilities.

For full details, contact Landa, 4275 NW Pacific Rim Blvd, Camas WA 98607.

Broken Lens Doesn't Have to Mean Lights Out

Grote Industries introduces the 3" center replaceable-lens SuperNova LED trailer marker lamp and replaceable-lens low-profile SuperNova LED clearance/marker lamp.

Lens replacement on the Three-Inch Center Trailer Marker Lamp is a snap. A small screwdriver can pop the broken lens off and snap on a new one. The lens features a turtleback design, which deflects branches and reduces risk of damage. The lamp is available in red (part #947242) with one high-intensity diode; and yellow (part #47243), with two high-intensity diodes.

The replaceable-lens low-profile LED lamp with optional chrome bezel can help customize a truck. The two-diode SuperNova LED marker lamp fits all incandescent applications. Plugs and pigtails are not needed, because the lamp is equipped with molded .180 bullet connectors, ready to plug into any harness system. The lamp is available in red (part #47262 or #47252 with bezel) or yellow (part #47263 or 47253 with bezel) and meets P2 guidelines as a marker lamp.

Both types of replaceable-lens lamps provide P3 performance. A “bulletproof” potting protects against dirt and moisture. Solid pin brass terminals provide a secure connection and protection against corrosion. Plug-and-Go technology lets fleets retrofit easily because connections are the same. For more information, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

Ultra-SpillGuard Captures Spills, Overfills

UltraTech International Inc's new Ultra-SpillGuard captures spills and overfills when tanker trucks are delivering fuels and chemicals. The flexible containment pad measures 36" × 24" × 2" and features a tapered sealing ring that seals off a range of sump diameters. Made of chemical-resistant urethane, Ultra-SpillGuard folds into a compact size for storage in a side box or any available storage area. It keeps hazardous chemicals and oils out of stormwater runoff, and meets the “Best Management Practice” definition for stormwater management. For more details, contact UltraTech, 9454-9 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville FL 32256.

Oil/Sand/Water Separator Cleans Wastewater

Tanx Distribution Inc has debuted a new line of gravity-flow oil/sand/water separators conservatively designed to cleanse oil droplets from wastewater.

The separator tank has secondary containment features to prevent concentrated, captured oil from leaking to the environment while incorporating a high tank operating level designed to maximize storage of captured oil.

The coalescing media, capable of producing an effluent quality of less than 10 parts per million, is positioned to minimize fouling by silt and oil sludges.

Many sizes are available to treat flows up to 5,000 gallons per minute. Various options to assure a successful installation are incorporated in the sales package.

The Separation Technology Group Process Treatability Laboratory is available for testing wastewater to assure an effluent quality guarantee. Other types of Separation Technology process equipment are manufactured, including design/build systems. For full details, contact Tanx Distribution Inc, Separation Technology Group, 30 Crescent St, Claremont NH 03743.

Omnibrake XL Spring Brake Chambers

TSE Brakes has released the Omnibrake XL Series of spring brake chambers. The XL's 1,000-hour “Bulletproof Blue” epoxy powdercoat layer has been applied over the Omnibrake's E-coat finish, on top of TSE's own eight-stage pretreatment layer. Inside the new chamber is also a triple-coated main power spring, as well as triple-coated return springs. The new “reduced-clash” power spring is built using new spring-coiling technology, and by using other TSE design features, delivers reduced stress and promises longer service life. TSE offers this new unit with a six-year warranty to qualified users.

TSE is also introducing its “new concept” long-life diaphragm with the Omnibrake XL Series. This component features enhanced flexibility, improved operating features, and has improved wear characteristics. The package also has high performance O-rings that use new modified polymers and toughened, contaminant-resistant materials to improve scaling. For full details, contact TSE Brakes, 3183 S Parkway Dr, Fresno CA 93726.

Heil Debuts Blue Label Tank Trailer Series

Heil Trailer International has introduced the Blue Label tank trailer series. First in this series of trailers is the 1,000-cubic-foot cement trailer. The Blue Label 1000 has been thoroughly tested, and it meets all the quality standards of a Heil Trailer.

To learn more, contact Heil, PO Box 181100, Chattanooga TN 37414.

Anti-Restart Switches Protect Starter Motors

Cole Hersee Co offers its 956 Series anti-restart ignition switches that protect starter motors from restart damage by preventing the operator from restarting a running engine. The switch is suitable for the commercial delivery industry, where drivers often leave vehicles running during deliveries.

Anti-restart ignition switches allow the ignition to turn to the “restart” position only from the ignition's “off” position. The ignition cannot be turned to start when the engine is running. If the operator wishes to restart for some reason, the operator is forced to turn the engine off first, and then restart. This safeguard against burnt-out motors can be retrofitted into any kind of vehicle. It is available in two different styles: key ignitions for standard vehicles and levers for off-road applications.

For more information, contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, Boston MA 02127-2467.

Bandag Tread Designs Enhance Fuel Efficiency

Bandag Inc's new FuelTech Drive and FuelTech Trailer tread designs, with Bandag's new Synergy low-rolling-resistance rubber compound, may change some perceptions of the fuel efficiency of retreads.

In an SAE Type II fuel test, conducted by an independent testing facility, FuelTech Drive and Trailer designs statistically met or exceeded the energy-efficient performance of the XDA2 and the XT-1 new tires by up to 1.6%.

Bandag has developed technology enabling retread designs to provide favorable fuel performance without sacrifices in traction and treadwear normally associated with fuel-efficient tire products.

FuelTech Drive is offered in 24/32nds tread depth and features semi-closed shoulders for low rolling resistance and improved wear. Sipes in the tread provide improved traction and appearance. The FuelTech Drive also features circumferential grooves for water evacuation and warped wall grooves for stone ejection.

The FuelTech Trailer design has 12/32nds tread depth, large and varied groove angles for increased tread stability and decreased rolling resistance. Wide circumferential grooves provide for water evacuation, and sipes aid in traction performance.

For more details, contact Bandag, 2905 N Hwy 61, Muscatine IA 52761-5886.

Strategies for Mobile Flow Measurement

The Schlumberger Measurement Division offers two strategies for mobile flow measurement in bulk unloading and custody transfer operations. One strategy is centered around a mechanical flowmeter, the Type MP oscillating piston flowmeter; the other uses the Schlumberger Coriolis mass flowmeter.

The Type MP is suited for transport of hazardous fluids, since the measured fluid is completely static-sealed from the environment via a magnetically coupled output drive. There are no leak-prone through-case shafts, dynamic seals, glands, or stuffing boxes. Type MP flowmeter wetted parts are available in four different housing and piston materials.

Type MP accuracy performance is ±0.5%, with repeatability of ±0.2% over a 10:1 flow range. Accuracy is not affected by moderate viscosity changes. Line sizes of 1", 2", and 3" are available, with flow rates to 300 gpm. A 1/2" meter is available in stainless steel only. The Type MP can be applied with the Bestrac electronic transaction management system with cab-mounted printer and removable data storage.

The Coriolis mass flowmeter offers Weights & Measures approval for many fluids by both mass and volume. The flowmeter can measure fluids, gels, or slurries with viscosities to 1 million cP. Mass measurement accuracy is ±0.15% of rate (± zero stability). The Schlumberger line covers W&M-approved flow rates, from 6.8 to 4,536 kg/minute (15 to 10,000 lb/minute), or the equivalent in volume.

For further information, contact the Schlumberger Measurement Division, 1310 Emerald Rd, Greenwood SC 29646-6800.

Michelin Rolls Out XDE M/S Drive Tire

Michelin North America Inc offers the XDE M/S, a multipurpose drive tire for the regional market. The XDE M/S offers a wide tread to improve traction, stability, and handling. Curb guards protect against impact, abrasion, and damage from curbing and other impacts. Its full-width protector ply helps protect the working plies from both penetrations and shocks to the tread area. The XDE M/S features deep, tapered lateral grooves and offset shoulder blocks to increase traction, particularly in loose soil, and aid in dispersing mud and water.

Compared with their LRG counterparts in the 11R22.5, 12R22.5, and 11R24.5 dimensions, LRH versions of the XDE M/S have an additional 2/32" of original tread depth. LRH versions feature an application-specific chip- and cut-resistant compound tailored to more demanding service conditions.

For full details, contact Michelin, PO Box 19001, Greenville SC 29602-9001.

Power Talk Box Lets Wider Area Be Monitored

Con-Space Communications Inc announces a new accessory for its CSI-1000 and CSI-2000 hardline communication systems. The CSI-2131 Power Talk Box provides users with hands-free, two-way voice communication and is identical in function to its sister product, the CSI-2130 Talk Box. However, the amplifier with automatic gain control makes it more than 30 times louder, allowing multiple users to be monitored over a larger area, giving them greater freedom of movement. The Power Talk Box is designed to survive in harsh environments. For full details, contact Con-Space, 1160 Yew Ave, PO Box 1540, Blaine WA 98231-1540.

Trolley Keeps Rolling in All Kinds of Weather

DBI/SALA has developed a trolley that can face the elements and keep on rolling. Designed for use with self-retracting lifelines, the lightweight, portable trolley moves effortlessly, following the worker along horizontal I-beams for hands-free mobility and safety. Noncorrosive double-shielded wheel bearings provide maintenance-free operation.

When using DBI/SALA's self-retracting lifelines, the trolley offers added maneuverability and improved safety. Its quick dual-adjustment dials allow precise sizing for beam flanges from 3" to 8" wide and up to 11 / 16 " thick — flat or tapered.

For complete details, contact DBI/SALA, 3965 Pepin Ave, Red Wing MN 55066-1837.

Fuel Filtration Unit Designed for Extended Life

The Webb 700 Series fuel filtration system uses a Venturi Diffuser to eliminate water and contaminants from the fuel. This design removes most contamination before it gets to the secondary filter, thus extending fuel filter life. The unit is available in a heated (700 or 702) or unheated version (710 and 712). Units have an internal thermostat to protect electronic engine controls from overheating by the fuel heater.

Other features of the Webb 700 include:

  • StrataPore fuel filter shows the level of restriction.

  • Fuel primer port is at the very top of the unit.

  • Integrated mounting bracket that is a part of the one-piece billet-machined body.

  • Internal check valve guards against loss of prime during fuel system service.

  • Clear top, easy-access dome, and see-through bottom bowl.

  • Five-year warranty.

Options include: temperature-controlled fuel heating with return fuel or engine coolant, 12- or 120-volt preheater, and water sensor kit. For more details, contact Webb, 320 Eighth St West, West Fargo ND 58078.

MGM Brakes Issues New Master Catalog

The new MGM Brakes Master Catalog offers the company's most up-to-date information on its entire line of spring brakes and service chambers. This publication contains products ranging from double-diaphragm and piston-style spring brakes to remote mount actuators and service chambers. Its concise, color-keyed format has been designed for easy use.

To obtain a catalog, contact MGM Brakes, 8530 Cliff Cameron Dr, Charlotte NC 28269.

Tool Removes, Installs Air Disc Brake Studs

Safe Shop Tools Inc is reintroducing the PakPress tool, a hand-held, hydraulic device that allows truck, trailer, and bus technicians to remove and install studs without removing outboard hubs. New adapters are available to remove and install ArvinMeritor (formerly Rockwell) air disc brake double-ended studs on severe-duty vehicles. For a typical 10-stud outboard hub, the job is reduced from two hours to less than 30 minutes.

With the PakPress, technicians not only avoid removing and cleaning the hub, but also avoid replacing seals — and possibly damaging bearings.

The design includes a pump that accepts a standard air hose and sends 10 tons of pressure to a hydraulic ram inside a cast steel frame. The PakPress tool pushes on the threaded end of the stud, smoothly squeezing it out. The tool pushes new studs in by their heads to install them. A set of five fitting tools helps remove or install studs, or extract broken studs. For full details, contact Safe Shop, PO Box 4206, Missoula MT 59806.