Surf's Up for Wash Racks Commercial Facilities Realize Web Potential

March 1, 2000
Several tank truck cleaning facilities are using the Internet to get information about their services to customers. There are others who aren't yet online,

Several tank truck cleaning facilities are using the Internet to get information about their services to customers. There are others who aren't yet online, but spokesmen say they are in the design or construction phase. As access and use of the web become more user friendly (read that faster), expect to see wash rack web sites multiplying.

Today, through the use of the web, dispatchers and drivers can have instant contact with cleaning facilities to determine exactly what the capabilities are, what services are offered, what the schedule looks like - and some web sites even provide cost estimates.

For a look into the future, considering all the computer devices being installed in tractors, it's not a far stretch to imagine drivers surfing on a regular basis for conveniently located tank washes at the same time they are tracking weather and traffic patterns. Dispatchers with access to the web already have the opportunity to relay information to those who are on the road.

Many of the sites now on the web come equipped with detailed maps, so if it's a new stop, drivers won't waste time getting to the facility.

Following are a few examples of web sites that provide information about commercial tank cleaning facilities. Some have in-depth information while others offer little more than brochureware. All display general information and contact sources. America's Truck Wash and Chrome Shop in Wheeling, West Virginia, has its tank cleaning facilities listed under "other services" on the home page. The information can also be found by using the site's search engine.

Chemical and foodgrade wash services are detailed, including caustic, detergent, and solvent washes; hot and cold water rinses, tank interior and heating coils steaming; turbine air drying; product pumps cleaning; vacuum testing, hydrolet valves rebuilding; and hose cleaning and hose ends bagging.

Specific information is offered about the foodgrade cleaning system and equipment. A concise page discusses tank wash services at CBSL Transportation Services Inc of Chicago, Illinois, and Pasadena, Texas. The home page index lists tank cleaning, so reaching the information is only one click away.

The system utilizes high pressure, low volume cleaning and is computerized. Detergents and water are not recirculated, according to the information. Available services include hot and cold water wash; detergent, caustic; solvent washes, and passivation; and pickling.

Contact information is displayed prominently on the home page, and e-mail access is handy. Plenty of information for Gateway Terminal Service Corp of Carteret, New Jersey, is provided. The home page offers information that could probably answer initial questions while more in-depth information follows on subsequent pages.

Chemical services include internal and external cleaning, presolve and passivation, super strip for setup products, and buffing and stain removal. Foodgrade cleaning is also noted, pointing to the company's all stainless process.

The company describes cleaning processes and equipment used, particularly in its chemical wash division. Step-by-step methods are discussed. Surcharge information for nonhazardous, hazardous, and poison wastes is posted prominently. The "less is more" concept is at home on the Lancaster Tank and Truck Wash of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, web site. The company has one simple page for a customer. It provides a list of services that include interior cleaning and exterior washing. Extra services are provided for van and reefer washouts, degreasing, acid work, steam cleaning, and decal removing.

Contact information headlines the home page and another page provides a form for e-mail and space for comments. For directions to the wash rack location, it's simple to click on the page that has a map search service. Detailed lists of services provided by Brite-Sol Services of Wilmington, Delaware, are contained on the Matlack Inc web site and can be found by bypassing the home page with the extended address.

The first page for Brite-Sol, Wilmington, Delaware, contains services available that include internal tank cleaning, deluxe detailing, and additional equipment cleaning capabilities.

A quotation page request form lets the customer type in the chemical name and volume of the product hauled in the trailer. The quotation page has boxes to define the type of equipment: trailer, tank container, or IBC. Philip Services, Atlanta, Georgia, has tank cleaning facilities in several locations. The company's web site has a page for industrial services. Container services are listed in a subcategory under environmental. The company cleans intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), tank containers, tank trucks, tank trailers, tank cars, and covered hopper car.

Contact information leads to regional sales personnel. ProKleen Washing Services, Concord, Ontario, Canada, has just one page, but the services are listed in a concise way. The foodgrade and chemical divisions house eight bays, state-of-the-art tank cleaning systems, and computerized direct billing. IBCs are cleaned in a full-line service.

Also provided on site are weight scales, diesel fuel, and driver waiting rooms. A map is posted to provide direction to the facility.