Van Waters & Rogers Inc Commitment To Safety Apparent at Dallas Site

May 1, 2001
VAN WATERS & Rogers Inc, a Royal Vopak company, operates with commitment to environmental and product stewardship throughout its North American network.

VAN WATERS & Rogers Inc, a Royal Vopak company, operates with commitment to environmental and product stewardship throughout its North American network. That commitment is evident at the company's 9.75-acre chemical distribution center in Dallas, Texas.

“Our goal here is to provide safe distribution to our customers in the North Texas area and support for other Van Waters & Rogers facilities in the region,” says Jason Miller, branch manager.

Participating in the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) Responsible Distribution Process, Van Waters & Rogers adheres to the code requirements. Companies are audited to determine their qualifications in risk management, compliance, carrier selection, handling and storage, job procedures and training, waste management, emergency response and public preparedness, community outreach, and product stewardship.

The Van Waters & Rogers' office in Dallas offered a tour of the facility during the NACD operations seminar held in Dallas September 13-15, 2000. Operation managers, general managers, and owners of chemical distribution companies were briefed on the Van Waters & Rogers operations.

Like many of the Van Waters & Rogers distribution centers, the Dallas unit provides storage, transport, technical services, and deliveries. Typical products handled include solvents, acids, and alkaline, although foodgrade products are handled as well.

About 71 million pounds of product are shipped from the location every year. Of bulk product, tank trailers are responsible for 15 million pounds going out, but bring in about 37 million pounds. Of the total 71 million pounds going out in bulk and packaging, about 33% is transported in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

The Dallas fleet consists of 10 tractors, eight tank trailers, 18 van trailers, and two flatbeds.

Rail provides inbound transportation only. Eight rail spots are available for tank cars, which comprise about 5% of the inbound bulk transportation.

In the warehouse area are blending tanks, an on-site lab, and a temperature-controlled storage area. One room is devoted to computer industry products that require special sanitary handling. All areas where hazardous materials are handled contain dikes for spill containment.

IBCs are labeled with test dates in a tracking system that prevents them from being shipped if they are out of service. A software program designed for the company generates Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs).

Van Waters & Rogers, a $1.6 billion company, is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington. The company provides services to other companies involved in chemical compounding; chemical manufacturing; coatings, inks and adhesives; electronics, food and pharmaceutical; forest products; mining; oil and gas; waste management; and water treatment.

Royal Vopak, a Netherlands-based logistics company, has a history dating to the 17th century. It has interests in tank storage, tanker shipping, and transportation services within the chemical and oil industries. The company operates 70 terminals around the world with 23 million cubic meters of storage capacity.